Round Rock Texas water bill assistance.

There are several ways to get help paying water bills in the city of Round Rock Texas. The funds, which focus on addressing emergency situations as well as stopping disconnections, can not only pay for some of a customer’s water service, but the grants from Friendly Rock can also pay for wastewater/sewer, trash, and related city expenses.

Friendly Rock is not the only option available for income qualified low income families. They may also get limited financial assistance from other organizations in the region, and they range from charities to community action agencies. But the city is the main provider of assistance using the Friendly Rock donation program.

Donation services – The primary City of Round Rock Texas program is paid for using donations from the community. The resource, known as Friendly Rock, may be able to provide some dollar amount of funds for any type of utility service, with a focus on water or sewer costs. It is not meant to solve a resident’s entire need or pay their entire bill. Rather it was meant to supplement other resources in the area.

Friendly Rock is run in partnership with the Utility Billing office (call 512-218-5460) as well as local charities. Case managers from places like the Salvation Army can help low income families, seniors, or the elderly apply. Or they can direct them to other emergency assistance programs.

As noted, this program is limited in both scope as well as funding. It uses donations, and 100% of the money goes to water bills. But customers may also have other needs as well, and in those cases the agencies or programs below may be able to help. Anyone who wants to donate to the less fortunate can also contribute, and 100% of the money goes to pay the water and utility costs of the less fortunate.

Charitable resources – There are other places to turn to for help in the city as well as Williamson County.  Most of these are charities and/or churches, and some may help pay water bills…but this type of support is rare. More often than not they will provide the family with other support.





The Williamson County Salvation Army is one such organization. It combines water or utility bill help with case management, food, job programs, and more. The faith-based charity, which also covers the City of Round Rock, supports thousands of families per year.

There are also community action agencies in Central Texas that may help. They cover both the County of Williamson as well as other parts of the state. Everything from government grants for paying bills (including water) to housing, LIHEAP, and more aid is offered. Another focus of community action is also on conservation, and they strive to help households save money by cutting back on usage.

City of Round Rock families do have several options available to them to help with paying water or sewer bills. Friendly Rock is the first program to try. After that a customer can try a charity or another social service agency. All struggling, lower income households should also explore conservation measures, as the best way to reduce the need for water bill assistance is to cut back on usage. For more information on donating to Friendly Rock, or applying for help, dial 512-218-5460. Or of course any resident can reach out to a local Williamson County social service office for referrals.




By Jon McNamara

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