Rent help from Rooftop in Davidson County.

Families facing homelessness in Davidson County Tennessee can receive emergency rent assistance from an organization known as Rooftop. They work with dozens of churches and faith based organizations across the county and the greater Nashville region. The non-profit also partners with Metro Social Services on processing applications and distributing emergency funds to those with an eviction notice.

How the program works is many churches join the Rooftop network. Donations and funds will be pooled together in order to help those in the county with an eviction notice. The money comes from fundraisers or from individuals donating to their local church or religious organization. While resources are always limited, one time emergency rental assistance may be paid out in Nashville and Davidson County.

Metro Social Services will review applications and provide screening. Only after a case manager has met with the applicant or person seeking help, and approved them, will the process proceed. The information will then be sent to Rooftop. They will then also need to review it, meet with the applicant, and, if approved, start the payment process.

If someone doesn't qualify, then referrals and information may be offered on other possible solutions. While the funds available do very from month to month, in most years there may be hundreds of families that receive help.

Churches and faith based groups have many requests every single day from people seeking help with paying their rent. Many callers have never had to ask for assistance in the past and are facing a onetime hardship. Maybe the issue was caused by an unexpected car repair, medical bills, or short term reduction in work hours. So the hardship can be triggered by many reasons.





Working with Rooftop as well as Metro Social Services, the churches may be able to provide funds to pay rent. Any cash paid out will go directly to the landlord. Case managers and volunteers from the churches will often offer other support as well.

There are a number of conditions in place in order to receive financial assistance from Rooftop. Some of them include, but are not limited to, the following. Note these conditions can change.

  • A referral is needed from a church, congregation, or faith based agency. As part of this, their landlord will be contacted to verify that this is not an ongoing problem of missed payments by the tenant.
  • Proof of income, expenses, a copy of a lease, and other documentation is needed as well. They also need to show governmental assistance and cash payments for services provided.

The applicant seeking rental assistance from Rooftop or a partner church needs to be on the path to self-sufficiency. This means they need to be willing and able to pay a portion of their rent or mortgage on their own. In addition, those seeking help must demonstrate that any financial assistance given to them will resolve their current problem. These are just some of the qualifications needed. If not eligible, find a list of other housing assistance programs.

Not only can funds for paying rent be issued, but there may be some financial assistance for paying utility bills in Davidson County. Rooftop will only consider this if the applicant lives in section 8, government subsidized housing. In some cases a family may be issued a no interest loan to pay their rental expenses, as this will be additional responsibility on the individual.

Locations of housing and rent assistance programs from Rooftop by zip code

Anyone from the region who needs help should contact a church. The primary contacts in Davidson County are as follows.

Antioch United Methodist Church, dial 615-832-6248, serves the Davidson County zip code of 37013
Arlington United Methodist Church, telephone - 615-361-4896, zip: 37217
Belle Meade United Methodist Church, 615-352-6210, zip - 37205
Belmont Heights Baptist Church, call 615-460-2422, zip 37212





Belmont United Methodist Church serves the zip code of 37212. Dial 615-383-0832
Brentwood United Methodist Church, call 615-373-3663, zip - 37027
Brookmeade Congregational Church - Nashville Tennessee based. Telephone - 615-352-4702, 37205
Calvary United Methodist Church, 615-297-7562. Residents of zip code 37215 are served.
Christ Church Cathedral, phone - 615-255-7729, zip code = 37203
Christ Presbyterian Church, 615-373-2311, 37215
Crievewood United Methodist Church, 615-832-2897, zip - 37220
Dalewood United Methodist Church, 615-226-6316, 37216
First Baptist Church, 615-664-6000, 37203
First Presbyterian Church, 615-383-1815, 37220
First United Church of Christ UCC, main phone number is 615-297-8196, 37204

Forest Hills United Methodist Church, 615-373-3131, zip code served is 37027
Greater Zion P.B. Church of Nashville. Call 615-997-0626, zip 37208
Hamilton United Methodist Church. Dial 615-361-7210 for information on emergency rent help. Zip 37013
Hillsboro Presbyterian Church, 615-665-0148, 37215
Hermitage United Methodist Church, 615-883-3918, zip - 37076
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, phone 615-256-6359, zip code is 37203
Hope Park Church/BCC, 615-662-6137, 37221
House of God Church, 615-327-4145, 37209
Immanuel Baptist Church. Call the charity at 615-297-5356, zip code is 37205
Inglewood United Methodist Church, 615-228-1307, 37216
McKendree United Methodist Church, 615-271-2600, 37219
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, call 615-320-7242, 37209
Nancy Webb Kelly United Methodist Church, main phone 615-262-0912, 37206
New Covenant Christian Church, 615-320-1590, 37208
Otter Creek Church of Christ, 615-373-1782, zip code is 37027
Riverside Chapel Seventh Day Adventist. Dial 615-227-1838, 37207
Second Presbyterian Church. For information on housing, dial 615-282-3343, 37215
St. Ann's Episcopal Church, 615-254-3534, 37206




St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, 615-377-4750, 37215.
St. David's Episcopal Church of Nashville. Call 615-352-0293. Zip code served is 37205
St. George's Episcopal Church, 615-385-2150, zip code: 37205
Southminster Presbyterian Church, 615-833-1565, 37211
Trinity Presbyterian Church, call the center at 615-297-6513. Helps families in the zip code of 37215
Vine Street Christian Church, 615-269-5614, 37205
West End United Methodist Church, 615-321-8500, 37203
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 615-292-5526. Zip code - 37205
Woodmont Christian Church of Davidson County. 615-297-8563, zip code is 37215

Or for more information, the main office of Rooftop is at 3511 Gallatin Rd, Nashville Tennessee, 37216. Call 615-815-9012.

By Jon McNamara

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