Rocky Mountain Power assistance programs.

There are a few main financial assistance programs for Wyoming families that use Rocky Mountain Power. They range from Energy Share to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program and other government aid. Each resource will have a formal application process in place and income levels that need to be met by applicants.

One of the primary government benefits offered is the federally funded Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LIEAP. The state of Wyoming works closely with, and receives annual funding from, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Grants and credits may be offered to income qualified households, with a focus on seniors, low income unemployed, and the disabled. Any funding is limited and paid out on a first come and served basis.

LIEAP was created to be an assistance program for low income households. Government funds can help them pay their energy costs and heating bills. It is administrated across the state by the Wyoming Department of Family Services. However local community action agencies also play a leading role in processing applications. To learn more or apply, call 1-800-246-4221.

Energy Share of Wyoming is an option for Rocky Mountain Power customers. With many families struggling to pay for medicine, food and electricity, this program may be able to help cover their utilities. It is offered in partnership with the Salvation Army.

The program depends on donations from the community. Customers from the company, along with Rocky Mountain Power itself and their employees, are some of the main contributors. They all have a long history of helping those in need by donating. Rocky Mountain Power will often make matching grants as well based on what others have donated. Together these funds allow hundreds of people to get help every single year.

Energy Share was created as a non-profit organization. It offers financial assistance with paying utility and heating bills. It does this by using donated funds and is administered across the region by The Salvation Army. There are income guidelines and applications that need to be complete. Call 1-877-461-5719 to apply or to donate funds as well.




Rocky Mountain Power and the state of Wyoming want people to use their heat and electricity efficiently. The no-cost weatherization program is one tool to help make that happen. This free conservation program can decrease a household’s electricity usage, help people save money and also make their home more comfortable. Generally those customers that are eligible for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) can also enroll in weatherization and they will be automatically qualified. The phone number is 1-800-246-4221, or call a community action agency.

Some of the leading non-profits that the company works with, or refers individuals to are below. They can often help and answer questions on LIHEAP or weatherization, assist Wyoming residents with applying for government benefits, and offer other aid. For more information on services, contact the agency in your county listed below.

  • Council of Community Services, Johnson County, 307-686-2730
  • Wyoming Energy Council, Albany & Carbon Counties, 307-742-0313
  • Wyoming Weatherization Services, Lincoln, Sublette and Teton counties. Dial 307-883-6200
  • Converse & Natrona Counties. Call 307-235-9007 for information.
  • Park & Northern Big Horn Counties. Main number is 307-754-2844
  • Sweetwater & Uinta Counties, main phone number is 307-875-1890
  • Fremont & Hot Springs Counties. Call 307-856-9077
  • Goshen and Platte County residents should dial 307-532-2287
  • Washakie and Southern Big Horn. Telephone - 307-347-2200




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