Resources for Seniors assistance programs.

Resources for Seniors links the older population of Wake County with assistance. They can also help the disabled in the community. There are many programs available that individuals can apply to, and they range from Medication Education for Drug Safety Program to home repair and modifications and much more.

The RFS Information and Referral service provides links with other area non-profit and government agencies that serve seniors, including the following.

-Retirement Communities are located across Wake County. They were set up to be independent living sites and there are also continuing care retirement communities. These complexes are strictly private pay from the tenant, and no public assistance is available.

-Long Term Care Facilities are an option. Resources for Seniors has information and education about various types of long term care, how to evaluate a facility’s quality, and how it’s paid for. The agency provides a list of nursing homes, assisted living options, rest centers, and family care homes in Wake County.

-Learn about Subsidized and Affordable Senior Housing – The agency provides a list of apartment complexes that are limited to seniors and disabled adults. Staff provides information about places that lease at an affordable monthly payment or rent based on income.

The goal of the MEDS - Medication Education for Drug Safety Program at RFS is to ensure that Wake County seniors who are entering the case management services that are run by the organization have the information they need to take medications as intended. There are different steps to this.

When a senior citizen begins participating in the Resources for Seniors case management programs, he or she is screened by a professional to determine whether there are any problems related to improper use of medication. In cases in which the screening process shows that there are issues or challenges, the non-profit will conduct a second, more comprehensive medication review. They will give them information on taking their prescriptions wisely and safely.

Another option, the Medication Assistance Plan for Seniors was established prior to the advent of prescription drug coverage under Medicare that is now available in Wake County North Carolina. MAPS was intended for the purpose of helping seniors obtain free medications through patient assistance programs operated by pharmaceutical company.




Currently MAPS from Resources for Seniors serves clients aged 50 to 64. When they apply to this service, they can't be be eligible for Medicare Part D. Assistance is also offered for clients with Medicare who have exhausted their prescription drug coverage.

As a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, RFS offers a Reverse Mortgage Counseling Service to educate Wake County seniors about this form or borrowing. Specifically targeted to older homeowners, reverse mortgages enable homeowners to borrow against their home’s value without incurring a monthly payment obligation. The loan can remain in place, payment-free, until the homeowner leaves the home permanently.

To be eligible for this type of government approved mortgage, a borrower must be over age 62, have a substantial amount of equity in the home, and also live in the property they are borrowing against.  Homeowners from across Wake County have the option of visiting Resources for Seniors to meet with the non-profit's highly trained, experienced counselor. If they are home bound, then they can request home visit if they are unable to come in.

Resources for Seniors is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and as one, they also support the federally-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. This is done when they provide objective advice on this. Some fees may be involved, but they can be waived for low-income clients who qualify.

RFS also operates a number of home repair and modification programs. These were created for the purpose of making the homes of qualifying Wake County seniors (55 years and older) healthier, safer and more economical to heat and cool. These services include the following:

The basic Home Modification and Repair Services will be done by a licensed general contractor and a crew of skilled craftsmen. The work done may include minor health and safety-related repairs, along with access and mobility aids. Home Modification and Repair clients will more than often than not be  asked to pay a portion of the true cost of the work provided, with the amount due based on household income.

Other Home Repairs range from the emergency program (which is done in partnership with the state of North Carolina) to more maintenance. They may assist with window replacements, roofing, and room additions, on a private-pay basis, using reasonable rates.

Another community Development program is available from Resources for Seniors. The non-profit helps with home repairs that are provided through a contract with the City of Raleigh and the Town of Cary.





Weatherization in Wake County is for seniors and it utilizes federal funds to provide energy-efficient home improvements. Typical services include Installing smart thermostats, Sealing air leaks, Installing insulation in attic, walls, and floors, Tuning and repairing heating and cooling systems, or Replacing existing lighting with energy-efficient bulbs.

The RFS Senior Activity Centers in Wake County provide services for older adults that promote and support their health and well-being. It will also provide them with numerous opportunities for social interaction with peers. Staff will partner with the client to help them explore educational opportunities that reinforce independence and enhance quality of life.

The program will change throughout the year, often based on the time given to it by volunteers. Senior Center activities include Arts and crafts classes, free Health and fitness programs, Wellness and health screenings, Opportunities to interact with other senior organizations, and Educational programs.

RFS organizations provides transportation on a limited basis for various purposes. There are rides for Medical Appointments, but this service is very limited. Door-to-door transportation provided by a shared van service for those who have no other means of traveling to and from medical appointments.

When it is available, these short term trips are limited to a few times per month. Note it does not have the capacity to help people requiring rides to frequent appointments, such as dialysis or chemotherapy. Ride reservations must be made several days in advance of the medical appointment, and enrollment paperwork must be completed prior to the initial ride.




There may also be limited transportation to Nutrition Sites in Wake County. The agency provides daily transportation to and from grocery stores as well as senior congregate meal sites. Clients must be must be at least 60 years old, Can't have a valid driver's license or be physically able to drive safely, and Must not be enrolled in Medicaid.

For more information on the programs available from Resources for Seniors, dial 919-872-7933.


By Jon McNamara

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