Cooling bill assistance from Reliant Energy.

During the hot Texas summers, Reliant Energy provides customers with a number of cooling bill assistance programs and other ways to stay cool during the summer. Find information on various financial assistance programs that are available to qualified low income customers of Reliant and that focus on helping people during the summer.

-The amount of aid provided by the Community Assistance from Reliant Energy program, or CARE, is usually increased during the summer. For example, in previous years an additional $800,000 has been available to assist elderly residential and low-income customers with paying their air conditioning and electricity bills during the summer. An emphasis is on preventing disconnection, as losing power during the Texas heat can lead to serious medical issues.

-Customers who need to get their utilities reconnected can look into deposit installment plans. This will provide qualified Reliant Energy customers with more time to pay deposits or reconnection fees.

-If you are struggling to keep up with paying your cooling bills, explore the various payment plans and extensions. This is another form of assistance offered for low income, qualified residential customers. Payment plans can go a long way towards preventing a shut off during the summer.

-Customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas can look into home energy monitors. This can help low-income customers in the region who live in single-family homes save money. The smart meters can provide people with near real-time information about electricity use, and it will allow them to estimate the amount of their utility bill to date and therefore budget accordingly.

-Free fans are usually provided during May. Most years Reliant Energy participates in assistance programs that distribute thousands of fans to customers. They partner with various charities and agencies such as the Salvation Army, Total Community Action and various Councils on Aging. They also use the services of employee volunteers and other generous individuals.





-Reliant Energy has dedicated customer agents across the state, including in Dallas, Houston and Corpus Christi. These agents can refer customers who need help to local social agencies for assistance.

-Average billing, sometimes called levelized plans, can help people budget and manage their cooling bills. This service is particularly effective during the hot summer months, and is open to qualified residential customers.

-Free air conditioners may be available in Houston. Reliant donates thousands of dollars to the city of Houston to help them fund air conditioning units and/or fans.

-Beat the Heat Centers are opened by Reliant in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Dallas Texas. The centers can provide anyone heat relief during the summer.

Reliant is one of the leading sponsors of these locations, and the Beat the Heat Centers provide a place for families and individuals of all backgrounds to stay cool during the heat of the day. It also helps people save money as if they go to a center they will minimize their own personal home electricity use. The centers are available to anyone, regardless of income, who is looking for a respite from the summer heat.

Locations of Reliant Beat the heat Centers in Texas

City of Houston Multi-service Centers are located at:

  • Acres Homes MSC, 6719 W. Montgomery, call 713.694.9274
  • Denver Harbor, 6402 Market St., 713.670.2143
  • Northeast, 9720 Spaulding, phone 713.491.5500
  • Southwest MSC, 6400 High Star Dr., main number 713.778.6500
  • Sunnyside MSC, 4605 Wilmington St., 713.732.5030

Dallas - There are several Multi-Service Centers around the region that are participating in the Reliant Beat the Heat program:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, 2922 MLK Blvd, phone 214-670-8367
  • West Dallas Multipurpose Center, 2828 Fish Trap Road, Dallas, Texas 75212, dial 214-670-6340

Corpus Christi - The Centers participating in the Reliant Beat the Heat program include those below. Anyone can stop by, regardless of age.

  • Greenwood Senior Center, 4040 Greenwood, Corpus Christi, TX 78416, call 361-826-1368
  • Lindale Senior Center, 3135 Swantner, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404, phone 361-854-4508

Reliant Energy in Texas can be reached at (713) 207-7777.



By Jon McNamara

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