Raleigh and nearby county Salvation Army assistance programs.

Low income families can receive assistance from the Salvation Army in the form of emergency rental assistance, funds for utility bills, clothing, free food, and much more. Centers are located in, and support the working poor in Nicholas, Raleigh, Fayette, Webster, and Wyoming County. If a location is not near you, then the Salvation Army is effective at providing referrals to other local non-profit agencies or government programs.

Since resources, in particular financial aid, is so limited, priority is often for families with children and at risk senior citizens. A formal application process will be in place with proof of your hardship required as well. In addition the family must have a plan in place, and the means, to pay the bills on their own in the near future.

Some centers may administer, or have information on, local After School Programs. These were created in an effort to help school age children and also their parents or guardian. While the specifics will vary, in general the programs provide various opportunities like tutoring, study sessions, free meals or snacks, and fellowship for children.

When you have no other options, the Salvation Army of Beckley West Virginia may be able to assist. Some of the emergency financial and crisis programs can include free food, clothing, and similar basic needs. The financial support is very limited. However this can include funds for paying rent or utility bills. Or during the cold winter months in Fayette and Nicholas County, some money for heating bills or oil may be offered.

While more limited, additional resources can provide prescription medications, transportation, shelter, and other basic needs. Since the funding is very limited, additional Salvation Army referrals are offered to other regional emergency assistance programs. All services directly offered or from referrals are designed to meet human needs in his name without discrimination to race, age, or religion.

With the large number of seniors in West Virginia, in particular for those that have limited income and that live alone, the Salvation Army is there as an option. Seniors ability to participate in social and cultural activities, access services, and provide themselves with food or healthy meals can be compromised. Your local center in Raleigh, Webster, or nearby regions can provide recreational activities, information on medical care, transportation, and really focus on reducing social isolation.




Emergency shelters and lodges across West Virginia can house women, children, single parents and qualified families. The Salvation Army in the area embraces the philosophy of quality care that impacts the lives of families and individuals in the community. Some of the shelters in the area focus on supporting victims of domestic violence.

Additional support is provided from regional transitional housing programs. In addition to a place to stay, access skills that can lead to financial stability. Get other support and case management that may be required to become self-sufficient over the long term.

Social workers can help with self-sufficiency. This can include life skills training is an ongoing part of the programs. Work with a Salvation Army case worker on GED completion, job placement, self-esteem classes, budgeting, parenting, debt reduction, and coping skills.

Other meal programs are offered from food pantries and soup kitchens. They may have groceries, canned goods, perishable items, and even seasonal aid such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals. They also work closely with charities, churches, and non-profits across Fayette and Webster County.

During the holidays, also look into resources such as Angel Tree. This can allow children from low income and poor families to get free gifts, toys, or clothing. The objective is to ensure they have some holiday joy as well.

Addresses of local Salvation Army centers in Fayette, Nicholas, and Raleigh

  • 312 S. Fayette St., Beckley, West Virginia, 25802-1573, call (304) 253-9541
  • The Salvation Army Thrift Store, 600 South Fayette St., Beckley, WV 25801, main phone 304-253-6061
  • 731 Broad St., Summersville, WV. Dial (304) 872-1837 for information.
  • The last local Calvation Army center is at 21 N Spring St. in Buckhannon. Call (304) 472-6165




By Jon McNamara

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