Questar Gas assistance programs.

Questar provides natural gas assistance to a few states, including Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. They administer and direct low income customers to programs such as LIHEAP, Energy Share, weatherization, and H.E.A.T. Some of the programs provide emergency cash or grants for paying your Questar bills, and other resources will help people save money on their energy bills.

Energy savings from Weatherization

The free weatherization program is offered in all states and regions that Questar services. This is an energy savings/conservation program for qualified low-income individuals and families. A focus in on families with children, the disabled, and senior citizens. Weatherization will help make homes more energy efficient and allow people to save money, especially during the cold winter or a hot summer stretch of weather. The federal government funds the weatherization program in all states.

In Idaho, the program is administered by local Southeast Idaho Community Action Agencies (SEICA). Income requirements and other qualifications need to be met. The income requirements are set by the state and the federal government, and they are basically the same as those of the LIHEAP program (see below). Call 208-852-1515 for more details on weatherization.

Residents of the state of Utah can also apply for the weatherization program. Qualified Questar low-income persons and families in this state can also benefit from the program. Some examples of what can be provided include tune up of a heating unit, insulation, caulking, and even items such as CFL energy efficient light bulbs.  All of these updates will help people save money on their natural gas bills. The Weatherization program is run by the Utah Department of Community & Economic Development and local community action agencies accept and process applications. The income requirements in Utah are basically the same as those of the HEAT program, which is referenced below. Please contact your local HEAT or community action agency for assistance.




Financial assistance and grants for Questar customers

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is available in Idaho. This is a federally funded grant program and it helps low-income and working poor individuals pay their Questar utility and natural gas bills. The program usually runs and accepts applications from November through March or until funds are exhausted. Dial 208-852-1515 for applications to LIHEAP.

LIHEAP is offered in Wyoming too. Low income, people facing poverty, and working poor can apply for this bill paying program. It helps qualified low-income individuals who receive their natural gas from Questar pay their utility bills and weatherize their homes. Funds are limited, and customers may obtain an application to the energy assistance program by dialing 800-246-4221 or contact a community action agency.

Wyoming families can apply for Energy Share. This is funded by donations and contributions from businesses, Questar Gas customers, employees, local charities and shareholders. This financial assistance program helps people in sudden hardship circumstances or who are faced with a crisis. Energy Share can help those with heating-related emergencies or who are faced with a shut off. Applicants must first apply for the federal government LIHEAP program, customer must have a past-due account with a shut-off notice, however the utility services must be still on and can’t be disconnected before applying. This program also runs December through May or until government funds and contributions are exhausted. It is run by the Salvation Army in Wyoming, so to request an application or for more information call the Salvation Army (877-461-5719) or Questar Gas.

REACH is another option for families in Utah. It is also paid for by contributions and donations from stockholders, local residents, utility employees and others. Applicants to this program must be at least 65 years old, disabled or handicapped. The REACH program does operate year round, including during the summer and winter. This is an option of last resort, and customers must have applied for financial assistance through the state's H.E.A.T. program and/or LIHEAP before applying. Contact your local Red Cross office for an application. The numbers are Ogden 801-627-0000, Salt Lake City 801-323-7000, Provo 801-373-8580, St. George 435-674-4440, or dial 800-328-9272 in any other city or town in Utah.

Catholic Community Services can also help Questar customers in Utah pay their gas bills. Utilities must be on (not disconnected), and the customer must have applied for other services first, such as the HEAT program. Limited funds are offered by Catholic Community Services and aid is offered first come first serve. Dial 801-977-9119 to make an appointment.

The Utah H.E.A.T resource is a federal government funded program that helps low-income customers pay their utility bills. To apply, call Questar for information, or contact your Department of Human Services or a designated energy office in your region of Utah.




By Jon McNamara

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