Quad Area Community Action Agency financial assistance programs.

While family development is the focus of programs administered by Quad Area Community Action Agency, the non-profit may also have limited amounts of emergency assistance, or referrals to resources. Everything from food to Head Start or government grants for paying rent may be available in their service territory. The community action agency is focused on helping the less fortunate in the parishes of East Feliciana, Iberville, Ascension, Livingston, West Baton Rouge, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, and West Feliciana

Emergency and one time financial help from Quad Area

Both rent and food assistance can be provided using federal government resources. The main option is the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, and this is a resource that provides people dealing with emergency situations, such as hunger or evictions, with food and shelter. This also means that financial assistance with rent or even partial mortgage payments is also available to those who qualify.

Additional Emergency Assistance from Quad Area Community Action Agency and their case managers  be available, and the non-profit will do their best to provide clients in need with other aid. This can be support in obtaining food, low cost housing, clothing, and prescription medications, on an as needed, county-by-county basis in their service territory. As with any non-profit in Louisiana, the availability of Emergency Solutions Grant and other private or government funding may vary during the year, and often runs out.

The federally funded CSBG - Community Services Block Grant promotes and supports anti-poverty projects. So staff from Quad Area Community Action Agency partner with other charities and non-profits and services including emergency financial assistance. There may be transportation coordinated with agency on aging offices in Livingston or Iberville, housing, and weatherization too. Local government support programs are also available for those in need of help.

Toward the goal of achieving independence and self-sufficiency for the clients of the community action agency, the Emergency Solutions Grants Program offers short term, transitional housing, combined with an array of support services. Among them may be low interest loans or other funds for paying the security deposit on the new, approved low income apartment.

As part of Quad Area Homeless Assistance service, another government funded program is Housing with Opportunities. This focuses on helping the homeless in parishes such as Tangipahoa and East Feliciana as well as others with making the transition from poverty to independence. In addition to providing a place to stay for the participant, the program also offers various supportive services that operate according to a local Continuum of Care Strategy that is part of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, as amended.




Housing counseling from the agency, or its partners, include HUD-Approved Comprehensive Housing Counseling, which assists with mortgage default or foreclosure prevention. It also helps clients with pre-purchase, consumer education, solving rental delinquency issues, and staff offer assistance with relocation to a more affordable home. The agency also offers information and education in regard to the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing home for the first time.

Transitional Housing for Veterans is available in multiple parishes, including Iberville and others. The non-profit uses HUD grants and other aid in an effort to prevent homelessness. There is short term low income transitional housing for veterans, and case managers will also help them become self-sufficient over the long term.

The ECIP - Emergency Crisis Intervention Program operates on the principle that all human beings need and should have safe and secure housing. This includes ensuring that everyone has access to sufficient home heating and cooling and can pay their utility bills on time. This can often pose a problem for low-income workers and those with fixed incomes, such as senior citizens.

The inability to keep a home at a comfortable or livable temperature may have detrimental effects on the occupants’ health and well-being. In order to provide the most effective and comprehensive set of energy bill assistance services to struggling residents, Quad Area Community Action Agency integrates a variety of programs into ECIP, including the federally funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.

This federal and state of Louisiana service makes payments directly to home energy providers or electric companies on behalf of elderly, disabled, and financially disadvantaged clients. As resources and funding allows, ECIP services also include the maintenance, repair, or replacement of faulty heating units in low-income homes in multiple parishes.

Additional support and social services

Child development includes Head Start and Early Head Start. Teachers that are part of Louisiana and local schools promote and supports children’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development through a variety of activities.





Programming from the non-profit also includes services for children with disabilities and special needs, enabling them to assimilate and interact within the learning environment. Parental support includes education in regard to parenting and achieving self-sufficiency, and they can also enroll into job training or placement services. Staff and parents alike receive extensive training and technical assistance, including workshops and college-credit courses in Early Childhood Development.

Job Placement and Education is available from adult services and a program known as Silver Force. Both will help the under or unemployed gain meaningful employment in the Quad area service territory.

Referrals and information on other public aid and local programs are also available. Some examples include the following. Receive guidance in applying for Medicaid, a Computer Technology Center is available for free to residents, and there is low cost transportation to medical appointment or an interview. Also, staff from Quad Area Community Action Agency can help people apply for programs such as SNAP or SSI disability, among many others.

  • Tangipahoa Parish - 45300 N. Baptist Road, Hammond, Louisiana 70401, dial (225) 567-2350
  • Kentwood, 302 Avenue F, Kentwood, LA 70444, dial (985) 229-6229
  • West Feliciana Parish office is at 11584 Ferdinand St., St. Francisville, LA 70775. Dial (225) 635-0063
  • Ascension Parish - 717 East Ascension, Gonzales, LA 70737, telephone (225) 644-8532
  • East Feliciana Parish - 12126 Liberty St., Clinton, LA 70722, telephone (225) 683-3308
  • Jackson, 3531 Cottage St., Jackson, Louisiana 70748, telephone (225) 634-2813
  • Livingston Parish community action - 29940 S. Magnolia St., Livingston, LA 70726, dial (225) 686-3811
  • St. Helena Parish - 53 North 2nd St., Greensburg, LA 70441, telephone for intake is (225) 222-6100
  • Washington Parish - 1134 Bene St., Suite 3, Franklinton, Louisiana 70438, (985) 795-9088



By Jon McNamara

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