Public assistance in Kane County.

Qualified low income residents in Kane County Illinois may receive financial help from the government. Several public resources and programs are available for the working poor, seniors, unemployed, and other income qualified residents of the region. The Family Community Resource Center administers many of the programs across the county. The funding for these resources is mostly provided by the federal government and the Illinois Department of Human Services also plays a leading role.

Nutritional needs can be met by Food Stamps/SNAP. This is the main federal government funded program that is also available across Illinois. It is offered by your local Department of Human Services office. As resources allow, food stamps can help very low income families acquire the groceries, food items, and meals they need. The government wants to try to ensure that no Kane County family goes hungry, and SNAP food stamps can help in that capacity.

An electronic benefit transfer, or debit type card, is issued to the family in question. They will be able to use that card and shop at local retailers and supermarkets to buy food. Approved low income households in Kane County are entitled to purchase a designated amount of groceries using this public program. The exact amount of aid provided will be based on their income and number of family members. Benefits are generally available to clients in an EBT account within 30 days from the date an application, however there is also an emergency service as well.

Cash assistance may be offered for immigrants. State of Illinois and local Kane County programs can help newcomers to this country. They will provide ongoing cash assistance and grants to those immigrants that meet the basic requirements for SSI but if they cannot receive SSI due to their status. For those immigrants in Kane County Illinois that apply, they will need to meet income limits as well as age or disability requirements. They also need to have lawfully entered the U.S. or they can have a sponsor who has passed away or is disabled.

Prenatal Care programs are available as well. The state and federal government help ensure that health care is available for expectant mothers all the way from the time of conception to the onset of labor. It is very important to ensure the pregnant mothers receive care and access to public health insurance to protect their own physical well-being. It will also of course ensure the healthy development and birth of their child.




While the medical assistance will vary, some of the services generally include identification of risk factors based on health, age, medical history, and family background. All of these, and more, may impact a females pregnancy.

Public medical care as part of this program can provide for diet and lifestyle advice, nutrition advice, routine checkups and physicians will help assure that the pregnancy is progressing well. Prenatal Care can also provide for ultrasound and other forms of testing to check for possible birth defects and monitor fetal development. Agencies in Kane County will also offer general information about being pregnant and provide referrals to other government benefits or local non-profits.

Medicaid Applications are available at the Family Community Resource Center. Kane County offices can answer questions and also help people apply. They may be able to determine eligibility for the Medicaid program or help seniors with Medicare. In addition, if needed, staff can often reinstate individuals who have lost their government funded Medicaid benefits due to institutionalization, incarceration, noncompliance or some other reason.

Other public aid programs in Kane County include TANF (cash grant), medical assistance (Medicaid), and information on low income home energy assistance. In addition, financial assistance may be offered for the aged, blind/disabled, and legal immigrants. Some government subsidies may be offered for paying child care costs as well. All services and information is provided in English and Spanish.

To learn more, contact the Kane County Department of Human Services - Family Community Resource Center. The location is 600 South State Street, Elgin, Illinois 60123. Phone (847) 931-2700.



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