Broward County public assistance.

There are several public assistance programs and resources available in Broward County Florida for low income families. Most of the services are administered by Family Success Centers, which are strategically located throughout the county. Individuals can get help for paying utility bills, food, housing, and other basic needs. The Broward County Human Services Department also oversees many of the social services as well.

A number of assistance programs are coordinated by the centers as well as the Family Success Administration Division (FSAD) of the Broward County Human Services Department.

The Family Success Centers have onsite staff who will work with residents to develop plans and find services that meet each clients needs. All workers are well trained, respectful, and services are confidential. They will also coordinate with other local agencies and government assistance programs to coordinate all the social services that an individual may need.

A number of public resources and social service programs are offered by each center. Some highlights are listed below.

Public housing aid and financial help for housing

Rental, mortgage, or utility assistance - If you have had your household income reduced, lost your job or had some type of emergency or unexpected expenses in the last three months (such as a medical bill) then public cash assistance may be available. In addition to meeting that criteria, you must also have had received a mortgage default letter, an eviction notice, or water or electricity shut off notice. If you meet these different parameters, then you may qualify for emergency financial assistance that is made available through various Broward County Florida funding sources.





Broward County Housing Options Programs (HOP), which use to be known as the Homeless Initiative Partnership, is a housing program. The Family Success Centers can offer a cohesive collection of homeless prevention (such as rental help), homeless services, and also supportive housing opportunities. If you are homeless or facing eviction and you live in Broward County then first point of contact is the Homeless Helpline, and dial (954) 563-4357.

Housing First is advice, case management, and support to families in need of temporary subsidized rental assistance in Broward County Florida. The county will also facilitate a secure mandatory savings option to help ensure low income families gain self-sufficiency at the conclusion of the Housing First program.

Each participant will receive assistance in developing skills including but not limited to life management skills, budgeting, and credit repair. The duration of services offered will range from three (3) months to twelve (12) months, and all decisions are made on a case by case basis. Public funds from the government are used to provide this resource both in Broward County as well as nationwide. Housing First is one of the main options for permanent stability.





The Broward County Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) may be able to help low income and senior Broward County residents pay their utility and cooling bills. Qualified applicants may receive yearly electric assistance grants that range from $150.00 to $900.00 depending on their household income, funds available for the public, and the households overall eligibility for aid.

Long term government support in Broward County

Case management, social services, information and referrals include job training and employment, housing counseling, and free legal aid services. Case managers and counselors can also offer debt and budget counseling, family support services, veteran services, subsidized child care and children’s services, health services, and elderly services. There are also several other state of Florida government assistance programs. Learn more on public assistance in Florida.

Family Reunification – The county provides a one-way bus ticket or transportation to anywhere Greyhound travels to be reunified with family. This transportation program can only be utilized once in a life span by each local qualified resident. This transportation program does not “import” families or individuals to Broward County. No food or cash assistance is provided for the trip, and applicants need to be ready to travel immediately.

Family Success Centers also run a number of Self-Sufficiency Case Management Programs. These will help families set goals, learn skills and access services they need to become self-sufficient. Services provided include bus passes, education, job training, books, tools, and child care. Clients are accepted into the self-sufficiency program on the basis of their household income.

Public assistance also stresses budgeting, controlling/limiting debt, saving, and using other steps to improve finances. All of this encourages long term stability. As grants from any public assistance program in Broward County will in fact mandate this. Find more details on saving money.





Location of Broward County Family Success Centers

There are several centers around the county. Call or stop by for more information or to apply for public assistance or social services.

  • North County Multipurpose Center (Pompano), 2011 NW 3rd Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 dial 954-786-2121
  • NorthWest Coral Springs Family Success Center, 10077 NW 29th Street, Coral Springs, Florida 33065, main phone number 954-357-5000
  • Central Region Family Success Center, Edgar P. Mills Multi-Purpose Center, 900 N.W. 31st Avenue, Suite 3000, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
  • South Region Family Success Center (Carver Ranches), 4733 SW 18th St., Hollywood, Florida 33023, call 954-357-5650
  • Davie Family Success Center, 4700 Davie Rd., Suite B, Davie, FL 33314, call the center at 954-797-2054

By Jon McNamara

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