Essex County New Jersey public assistance.

The county provides a number of financial and public assistance programs to its citizens. Some are administered and paid for by Essex County, and others are run in partnership with federal government and New Jersey resources. Get information on cash assistance, medical care and welfare type services from the NJ Department of Citizen Services.

Utility bill assistance is offered to low income families from the Home Energy Assistance program, which is based off of the federal LIHEAP program. Cash grants and financial assistance may be offered to low-income families and seniors in Essex County New Jersey. This can offer families help with the payment of cooling bills during summer months as well as heating costs during the cold winter months. Those families who are public assistance recipients will automatically receive consideration for energy bill assistance, and oftentimes enrollment. In most instances those individuals who are now receiving WFNJ/TANF/GA or Food Stamp benefits will automatically receive a HEAP benefit too. This energy bill assistance program can help people in an emergency, and can help with the purchase of heating oil, fuel, correction of infiltration of cold, completion of furnace repairs, air conditioning units and more.

Emergency Assistance is another program granted to Essex County and Newark residents to meet an emergent need. Priority is given to Work First New Jersey/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Social Security (SSI), or General Assistance recipients. The emergency need that needs to be addressed is generally the result of circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, and can include items such as a medical emergency or unexpected job loss.

Essex County NJ rental assistance is offered from the government as well. The county has created a resource known as the Temporary Rental Assistance program. If you are facing an eviction, then a cash payment will be made to your landlord if it will prevent eviction and homelessness. Any assistance paid out by the Essex County Department of Citizen Services needs to help people stay in their current residences.

If you have used the maximum of 60 months of public assistance that is offered by New Jersey or the federal government, then the Supportive Assistance to Individuals and Families Program (SAIF) may be an option. It is a another financial assistance program for families and individuals who have used up all of their public aid and it is administered by the Essex County Department of Citizen Services. This additional resource can provide cash benefits plus support services such as transportation  and child care or up to 24 additional months.





Childcare subsidies, money for paying bills and public assistance is offered from the Kinship Care Subsidy Program. Low-income individuals who are raising children whose parents are unable or unwilling to do so can get help from this government program. Money can pay for basic needs like rent, medications, food, and other living expenses in the greater Newark area.

Individuals designated as refugees by Immigration and Naturalization Service can apply for the Refugee Resettlement Program. It can offer public aid and financial assistance, social services, and Medicaid to help people get settled and established in Essex County New Jersey.

Essex County Department of Citizen Services has information on and can help people apply for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program. This federal program offer cash assistance and Medicaid to senior citizens aged (65 or over), disabled or blind individuals who are needy.

Medical bill assistance in Essex County New Jersey

The Essex County Department of Citizen Services coordinates a number of federal government and state of New Jersey medical and dental assistance programs. Qualified patients can receive help in paying bills, free medical or dental care, and other support.

Free medical and dental check-ups are offered from the Essex County Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program. It is targeted at Medicaid eligible recipients under 21 years of age. It is always best to find and diagnose any problems early, as they then can be treated through free regular medical check-ups before they become more serious to the patient. These services are free to recipients and paid for by public funds.

New Jersey Care offers full Medicaid services to children, pregnant women, blind or disabled individuals, or seniors. Applicants need to be struggling financially. Another similar resource that is funded by public money known as Medicaid Only offers low cost or free health care to individuals who reside in a boarding home, a nursing home, the home of another person, or even their own home. Medicaid Special is another medical bill assistance program which provides full Medicaid services to individuals under 21 who are needy.





Family Care is a low cost health insurance coverage plan for Essex County residents. This insurance program means uninsured parents, couples, kids, and even single adults can all get access to high quality yet affordable health insurance coverage. A number of Health Maintenance Organizations across Newark and Essex County NJ accept the insurance.

The Community Care Program for the Elderly and Disabled (CCPED) provides certain free in-home medical care services to blind or disabled individuals and the elderly. Care is offered at recipients home.

Transportation is offered for a doctor appointment. Medical Transportation Services is a program paid for by public funds that can cover appropriate and reasonable transportation costs for Medicaid recipients so they can see their medical professional.

The Essex County Department of Citizen Services can be reached at 973-395-8400. Call them to apply for public assistance and to get information on all available resources.




By Jon McNamara

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