Provo and Utah County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The primary programs available from the Provo Salvation Army center is the community thrift store. This is what drives all of the other resources available in the community. The location sells items to the public, and using that money, the Christian charity organization provides financial help to the needy. There are no age, religious, or gender requirements to applying; the Salvation Army in Utah County supports people of all backgrounds.

As noted, it all begins with the Community Thrift store. Donations and volunteers are needed from the community to keep this running. If someone wants to donate a large item or two to the store, and they live local to the city of Provo, the Salvation Army may even pick it up. But the item needs to be in decent, resellable condition.

What may be for sale includes clothes. There may be boots, winter attire, dresses, and school supplies or uniforms. There are household items, including furniture, beds, tables, kitchen chairs, and the like. Many other low priced goods may be sold too. The Community Thrift location may have books, records, DVDs, computers, toys for kids, lamps, etc.

The Provo Salvation Army Community Thrift Store also is the gateway to the seasonal assistance programs. As those too rely on donations. This range from free school supplies (pens, notebooks, backpacks, etc.) to uniforms and shoes for students. They also coordinate back to school shopping sprees with Target and other stores. This events may pass out gift cards to the child from the working poor household.

Another seasonal program in Utah County will be for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. This is when the Salvation Army provides support. No matter the religion, there can be free food, hot meals, holiday parties for seniors that are lonely, and free Christmas gifts for children. The names of these assistance programs go by the terms of Adopt a Family as well as Toys for Tots, which is a US Marine Corps partner program. But the Salvation Army will assist low income provide families during the holidays.

Using the funds raised from the thrift store, as well as the annual Red Kettle Campaign, the Salvation Army offers some very limited financial assistance. It can help with housing needs, transportation, or job related expenses, among other bills. This is for an emergency only, and it can include a combination of grants and/or no interest loans. The exact type of assistance will also vary based on the applicant's circumstances.





Anyone applying for help, whether it is for paying rent, heating bills, food, or medical needs, will need to bring proof of residency and income. They are need identification, copies of denial letters from other charities, and more proof. Only after a full assessment done by the Provo Salvation Army will money be provided to the applicant. But the funds can help pay rent, utilities, deposits, or even to fill up a tank of gasoline.

The financial help may give a small box of food, but that is what the Utah County Salvation Army food pantry is for. The pantry is for a few days supply of free groceries, which can be effective for mid-term relief. This program is usually available with few (if any) questions asked. All aid is intended to stop hunger.

The charity offers many other forms of support. Whether it is a Salvation Army volunteer responding to a disaster in Provo, or a child receive mentoring services, help is available. They also coordinate low cost summer camps for kids and give students free snacks so they remain well fed. There are also a number of case management services for Utah County families, and this is also one of the core functions of the Salvation Army in the community.

For more information on the social services available, the location is based at 515 N. University Ave., Provo, Utah 84601. Call (801) 377-7676.




By Jon McNamara

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