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With a goal of helping clients gaining stability, Project Self-Sufficiency is an organization that offers a number of services to singles that are under or unemployed and that are part of low income families. They are focused solely on Larimer County, and the resources provided by the organization are limited. More information on what individuals can expect to find at the agency is below.

Anyone working towards long term stability needs to have their basic needs met, and Project Self-Sufficiency can offer clothing, transitional housing, cars, food, and similar support. The main resources include the following.

  • Short term, low cost housing is part of Willow Place Apartments, and this is run in partnership with Fort Collins as well as the Housing Authority of Loveland. The focus is on single mom and parents, and residents can access case management and other support. A portion of their income will need to be applied each month towards rent.
  • Free work attire and clothing is from the ABLE Women Clothing Closet as well as the Larimer County Junior League.
  • Limited transportation, including low cost cars for families in exceptional and limited circumstances. Everything relies on donation levels and many other factors, and when available, the car can be used for getting to work, school, job training, or other critical needs.

Children of the family seeking help from Project Self-Sufficiency may also have some of their needs met. The non-profit can offer free gift certificates as part of Cool Kids Back-to-School Clothing Program, and the parents and child can shop for notebooks, uniforms and other needed school supplies. Other programs include the Boundless Children's Fund, which can help pay for activities that young students may want to participate in, even including sports or music classes.

Project Self-Sufficiency coordinates free Christmas programs in Larimer County as well for its clients. Children from parents that are enrolled into the program can receive toys, gifts, games, and clothing. The goal is to ensure that children have some present to open on Christmas morning, and it can also free up their income to pay for other critical bills or educational expenses.




The Mental Health Fund can provide, as resources allow, limited financial assistance or referrals to medical providers. This can help address, identify and mitigate any type of mental health challenges that clients are facing in their quest for stability.

Of course, PS-S focuses on education and helping people find a job with a life sustaining wage. So to this end, the following services may be coordinated.

  • Funds can help pay for a small number of costs related to job searches and related expenses. It may be for expenses such as car repairs or insurance, or there is support for child care expenses, dental check ups, and related bills, and the program is known as Participant Assistance Fund.
  • Supportive Classes can help clients address self-esteem challenges and covers topics important to parents, and this is arranged by counselors and teachers from the region.
  • Action plans are created with goals and objectives. This is one on one support, advice, and guidance.
  • Financial aid for child care expenses is available from a PS-S fund. Applicants need to enrolled in job training or educational classes.
  • Tutoring is arranged by volunteers in math, ESL, science, reading, and more.
  • Educational expenses can be partially paid from a Scholarship Fund, for those that are qualified. There may be grants for transportation, childcare costs, books, and tuition.

Counseling and career planning is available from Project Self-Sufficiency teachers and advisors. There is access to computer labs, job training or placement, and more support arranged. This is a main program, it touches upon the clients interests as well as skills in order to help people find a stable, long term job. There are also resume review classes held and feedback on practice interviews too.




All of this is combined with job placement, and a focus is on single parents. Not only will staff from Project Self-Sufficiency work with the individual, but they also partner with local employers and non-profits. They also have information on one stop job centers and other resources in an effort to get an underemployed person into a job.

As noted, the agency does its best to help single parents, moms, or dads, but resources are limited. PS-S can be reached at (970) 635-5912 for more information or referrals.


By Jon McNamara

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