Prescription drug savings plans and cards in New York.

All counties in New York, including Oswego, Erie, Saratoga, Onondaga, New York City, Fulton, and Madison counties offer low-cost prescription drug assistance programs and discount cards that help county residents save on prescription drug costs. These plans are free to New York residents. Individuals and taxpayers pay nothing for joining these saving programs, and there are no restrictions in place. The savings are obtained thru county issued discount cards that provide savings of 10 to 20 percent on brand-name drugs and up to 20 to 70 percent savings on generic prescription drugs. Almost 60,000 pharmacies and drug stores across the nation and New York accept the cards, so consumers are not limited in where they can shop for their medications.

These county assistance drug programs are widely used. Each and every year they assist tens of thousands of people across New York state. For example, just in Onondaga County more than 100,000 discount Rx Card prescription drug cards have been issued since the program launched in November 2007.

The county prescription drug savings programs are aimed at New York residents with no health insurance, low incomes and/or limited health insurance. That being said, even fully insured people can still use the discount savings cards to save money on any prescription drugs they need that are not covered by their standard health insurance plans.

Total savings and discounts

Consumers will be guaranteed the lowest price possible on their medications, and there are no fees or restrictions to using the Rx Card. When you call the number below, or print a card online, there are no enrollment forms to complete, no income or age requirements, no eligibility required or waiting periods. The card can be used immediately, and you just need to present it to your pharmacy. Major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Target and others accept it as well. No matter your medical condition or background, you can enroll and their are no exclusions. The card will even provide discounts on pre-existing conditions.





While the exact amount of savings will vary, consumers will be guaranteed the lowest possible price. There is a guarantee that you get the best pricing on any prescriptions that you or your family needs. Discount card holders pay the lower price of a discount off MAC Pricing, Average Wholesale Price-AWP, or the Pharmacy Promotional/Retail price.

While in the past the average savings have been about 35%, there are instances and certain medications in which patients can save up to 75% on the cost of their prescription drug bills. The program includes discounts on both brand and generic medications, and this is a key factor that will usually determine your savings. The program is also covers formulary so that all medications are eligible for some form of discount.

How it works is the New York Rx Card is partnered with companies that negotiates discounts directly with the pharmacies, major retailers and also pharmaceutical companies on over 20,000 name brand and generic drugs. Any type of discount negotiated by these companies is passed directly on to cardholders. So it is similar to a bulk type buying wholesale type program.

Who to contact for New York prescription discount cards

The program and New York Rx Card is offered through ProAct Inc., (phone 1-877-776-2285) which is a subsidiary of Kinney Drugs. Or dial 800-931-2297 for additional information or to obtain the card. Sponsoring counties and the residents who live there receive the savings cards for free. There is no cost. Pharmacies or drug companies fully pay for the program. They pay for the program in the hopes that customers spend their savings in other parts of the store.





By Jon McNamara

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