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Earn Money With Pre Paid Legal Service.

Who is Pre-Paid Legal Inc.?
Pre-Paid Legal Services began operation on July 11, 1969. Pre-Paid Legal made the Forbes list of the 200 Best Small Companies in America for the fifth year in a row in 2000. But they went on and continued this streak of being a top company. In 2007, Pre-Paid Legal yet again made the Forbes list of the 200 Best Small Companies in America. The company develops, underwrites, operates, and sells legal service insurance plans in all 50 states and four provinces in Canada. They currently have over 1.5 million members. The legal insurance plans are sold through the its network marketing system by independent associates, many of who sell the plans part time, as a second career, or as a work from home opportunity. Pre Paid Legal Service plans can also be sold as an employee benefit through payroll deduction.

What are Pre Paid Legal Plans?
Pre Paid Legal Service plans provide for legal service benefits, including unlimited attorney consultation, legal document preparation and review, traffic violation defense (even attorneys to contest speeding tickets!), letter writing, will preparation, automobile-related criminal charges defense and a general trial defense. You can think about it as similar to insurance for legal issues. People pay a small monthly premium and receive help with their legal issues, if and when it is ever needed. Pre Paid Legal also sells an identity theft monitoring and restoration product.

The Pre Paid Legal Plans provide preventive legal services, which can include contract and document review, telephone consultation on unlimited personal legal issues, and will preparation, with yearly updates to the wills. The Legal Insurance Plans also provide trial defense, motor vehicle services, IRS audit assistance, and a 25% preferred member discount on any other legal services or issues.

How are Pre Paid Legal Plans Sold?
Pre Paid Legal plans are sold by what are known as independent associates, which are everyday people like you and me. They can be sold either on a one-on-one basis or purchased in a group setting as the plans may be provided as an employee benefit. All of the Pre Paid Legal plans are non-contractual and they can be purchased on a monthly, semiannual, or annual basis.




Are Other Products Sold?
Legal Shield is another item that is available, and it provides 24-hour access to an attorney in the event the member is arrested or detained, if the member is seriously injured in an automobile accident, is served with a warrant, or if authorities attempt to remove the member's child(ren) from their custody. They also sell the Home Based Business Rider, which provides services such as debt collection letters and an account with, which is a service that was created to help grow, manage, and expand the client's own business.

How Much Can I Earn With Pre Paid Legal Services?
Honestly, you do have to put in time and effort. If you do not, then it will be difficult, and many a person has walked away from this opportunity. However, if you do put in the time to sell Pre Paid Legal Service plans, then many people can make hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. Read the press release below from the company, dated December 31, 2008. They do have their fair share of people who have made a million dollars, and many more who have made $100,000 or more.

Over 100 have earned a million dollars. Any many more earn $100,000 or more. (Press Release)
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Chairman & CEO Harland Stonecipher announced on December 31st that Phillip Ernest, who is an independent sales associate from Ft. Worth, Tex., has become the 100th member to join the company's "Millionaire Club." The "Millionaire Club" are those sales associates who have earned over $1 million in commissions during their time with the company. Earlier in the week, Brenda Anderson of Glendale, Ariz., was the 99th member to join the prestigious list.

Stonecipher also added that "There are several sales associates literally within a few hundred dollars of joining the list," he said. "We know we'll be adding more members to this list in the first week of '09."

Ernest, who joined has been an selling the plans for Pre Paid Legal Services for the company since 1996, was also recognized for having earned more than $100,000 in commissions during a one-year timeframe in 1999. Ernest said that it is an honor to have been part of the first 100 to be included in Pre-Paid's "Millionaire Club" ranks.




Stonecipher said that Pre-Paid Legal Services, along with achieving this major milestone of seven figure earners, is constantly recognizing sales associates who are obtaining record income levels of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1 million in a 12-month period of time.

Stonecipher said that "It is a sign of times. While other services, products, and industries are suffering through this economic climate, we're finding that our Pre Paid Legal membership is being viewed as a 'Now Benefit' - something that people need and can use immediately. The fact is, we don't need a bailout at Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.," he continued. "Pre Paid Legal is probably one of the most financially sound companies in America today. What we have, in fact, can bail other people out."

By Jon McNamara

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