Portland Oregon assistance for paying heating bills.

During the colder winter months in Portland Oregon and Multonnah County, lower income families, seniors, and others who are out of options have programs available to them for their heating bills. Individuals can apply for government assistance, financial aid offered by non-profits and more. Some of the primary resources available include Oregon HEAT, Human Solutions, and other local Portland agencies. PGE also offers qualified customers with payment plans and other support.

Dozens of non-profit agencies across the state, and several in the greater Portland region, process applications for Oregon HEAT. The program was created by a non-profit organization with the goal of helping low-income families who are faced with a crisis. HEAT can offer emergency heating bill assistance during the winter months to those who qualify. The local agency network helps determine eligibility for funds and processes applications. All aid is disbursed on a first-come first-serve basis, and the demand for help tends to be high.

The program relies heavily on donations and it will pay for all different types of utility services. For example, if you heat your home with electricity, natural gas, oil, propane or wood, HEAT may still pay a portion of your expense. It disperses funds for emergency energy assistance when people are out of of options. While the non-profits and Oregon HEAT try to assist all households and applicants who request help, unfortunately that is not realistic to do and there are not enough funds or donations to do this. So many applications will not be fulfilled.

Non-profit and government organizations in Portland

The leading organizations to call in Multnomah County for assistance with heating bills are below. If a center can't fulfill your request then maybe they can help in other capacities.

Human Solutions, Inc. - Portland, 12350 SE Powell Blvd., Oregon 97236, call 503-405-7877. Their fax number is 503-548-0299. This is a agency for a variety of low income programs in the region. They administer a number of energy assistance and conservation programs for the needy.




Another branch of Human Solutions, Inc., known as Rockwood, is at 124 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR 97230. Dial 503-405-7877.

Impact Northwest processes applications for HEAT and they offer other services too. Individuals can learn about government programs such as weatherization, which will help them save money. Or apply for the LIHEAP program. 4610 SE Belmont St, Suite 102, Portland, OR 97215, call 503-988-6020. They also focus on households that have a disconnection notice.

Africa House and Irco Skill Center may be able to help Multnomah County residents with a shut-off notice, who are out of heating fuel or who are about to be disconnected from service. Location is 631 NE 102nd Ave in Portland. Call (503) 802-0082

Neighborhood House, Inc. is located at 7780 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon 97219. Call 503-246-1663 for an appointment.

SEI Community & Family Programs is also based in Portland at 3920 North Kerby Ave. Call 503-285-0493 for intake or information. An appointment is required.

SnowCAP Community Charities can help people apply for Oregon HEAT as well. Call 503-674-8785 to speak to a representative from this charity. Seniors, families with children, and people who are struggling or unemployed can get additional information on programs administered. The main office is at 17805 SE Stark St in Portland.

Asian Family Center may be able to assist people with a disconnect notice. (503) 235-4932

The Salvation Army - Portland Tabernacle administers a number of emergency assistance programs and social services. They may have direct cash assistance for paying heating bills if you are faced with a disconnection. Or apply for any of the other resources they offer, such as HEAT or low income energy assistance (LIHEAP). 503-239-1224. No walk ins are accepted.





Government assistance for heating costs

As indicated above, there are a few government programs. They include Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program/LIHEAP as the state resource as well, which is known as Oregon Energy Assistance Program/OEAP.

LIHEAP can be applied to starting in about December. However seniors and the disabled can apply in  October or November. The government provides grants to the very low income who pay a high portion of their income on their heating bills. The other option, OEAP, runs year round and residents can apply at any time. You can call Portland General Electric (PGE) to apply or one of the non-profits above.

PGE has a few other non- government programs too. Call 800-542-8818 for details on any of them or to explore other options.

  • Payment options are offered to most customers and there will rarely be income limits. This can provide customers more time to catch up on their bills.
  • Equal Pay helps people budget by balancing out their monthly bill over the course of 12 months so it’s the same amount every month. This can make planning and budgeting easier on you and your family.
  • Preferred Due Date will let customers select a date to pay their PGE heating bill that works best for them. This is very effective for people who live on a monthly fixed income who may only get paid once per month.




By Jon McNamara

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