Phoenix Urban League housing and employment assistance.

Urban League of Greater Phoenix operates as a HUD certified agency and provides struggling families with everything from free foreclosure counseling to help in locating affordable apartments in Maricopa County. Another focus is on helping tenants gain stability through increased education and employment, and counselors from GPUL offer those services and much more to clients.

When it comes to housing assistance, there are a few main focuses of the non-profit organization. They can help people buy a new home or refer tenants to eviction prevention. Since they are a HUD agency, staff will also offer free or low cost foreclosure prevention counseling.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program will help residents locate safe and affordable homes to live in. It was created in partnership with the City of Phoenix and other state and non-profit agencies.

Staff from the Phoenix Urban League help people locate affordable apartments or even condominiums to live in. Clients may be individuals, single moms, families and senior citizens, among others. This is a service for low income and working poor families only, as well as those in poverty. Call 602-254-5611 for more details on this fully comprehensive service.

If someone is looking to purchase a property, then Homebuyer Education Workshops are available from the HUD organization. Residents can get information on, and walked through, the process. Clients will get assistance with resolving credit issues, paying down debts, and will be able to develop a successful financial plan as well as budget. This will help them save money for a down payment and closing costs.

Staff from the Greater Phoenix Urban League will also help people obtain a home mortgage. They can learn how to avoid predatory lenders, and also gain an understanding of the loan pre-qualification and approval process. Workshops held by the non-profit will support prospective buyers who want to become more knowledgeable on how to buy a home in Maricopa County.

Free foreclosure assistance is arranged too. The HUD approved counseling provides advice on how individuals can avoid foreclosure of their primary home. Anyone that is falling behind on payments or struggling to pay their mortgage can contact a counselor, who may be able to help.




Employment and education from Greater Phoenix Urban League

Small Business services are available, including from an on site computer center. Residents can learn how to create a plan, acquire permits, and handle income taxes too. There are also copies, faxes, and other tools at the Greater Phoenix Urban League for clients to use.

Whether unemployed, or maybe lacking full employment, GPUL will help people find jobs as well as employers locate candidates. Both of these groups are part of the process, and staff from the agency will prepare and identify qualified candidates and hopefully place those people in sustainable positions that use their skills.

Applicants can meet with an Urban League counselor to assess their skills and ability. There are also Job Readiness Workshops held in Phoenix that will provide people more skills and tips, such as on resume writing, networking skills, and creating a resume. They can also use computers to locate open positions in Arizona. GBUL can even offer further support in the form of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Residents of Maricopa County under the age of 24 can also enroll into the Summer Youth Employment Program. It will help teens and college students gain a summer job, and in effect prepare them for real-world work expectations, financial literacy, career instruction, academic improvement and social growth. The service may provide individuals with entry-level jobs at small businesses, government agencies, hospitals, or nonprofits in Maricopa County.





Head Start and education is also offered for children. The Greater Phoenix Urban League runs this, and it touches upon education, health, nutrition, and more. GPUL offers this for children from low income families, provided they are under the age of 5.

College Prep is another service. This of course is for teenagers in Phoenix, and the program is a college-prep service for high school students around the Valley and Maricopa County that are interested in increasing their educational foundation. Teachers from the agency assess a student’s exam readiness, provide support with SAT testing, and develops effective study habits tailored for the ACT exams. In addition, students will learn how to apply for admission, research colleges, and secure financial aid, grants and scholarships.

Whether housing or education, the Greater Phoenix Urban League can be contacted at 602.254.5611. Or stop by the main center at 1402 South Seventh Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3902.




By Jon McNamara

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