Peoria County water bill assistance.

Programs in Peoria may be able to assist low income residents with paying their water bills. Federal government funds and other resources are made available in an effort to help prevent disconnections and ensure that a households water service is not turned off. However any type of financial aid comes with restrictions and is limited.

The county of Peoria Water Payment Assistance Program relies on grants and other funding from the Federal government. So this means it comes with restrictions and that all requested information must be provided by applicants in order for applications to be considered. While the terms can change over time, some of the conditions include the following.

  • All completed applications need to be submitted in person. They can be mailed in and phone consultations are not accepted.
  • Individuals need to submit proof of income.
  • Also the program is only for people who can prove a lawful presence in the United States. This is not for illegal immigrants.
  • You will also need a copy of your most current water bill.

The agency that administers the program in the county is the City of Peoria, Neighborhood and Revitalization Section. The primary address is 9875 N. 85th Avenue, Peoria, Arizona 85345. Call the agency at 623-773-7667 in order to get more information.

As indicated above, the conditions and income levels may change over time. However, typically the Water Payment Assistance Program is for addressing an emergency situation. It can offer financial assistance to qualified low/moderate income HUD eligible Peoria County residents. Applicants need to be low to moderate income residents who occupy a home or apartment located in the Peoria city limits. Also income limits need to be met.

If after applying, if you are found to be qualified, then only one time cash assistance/grants will be paid out. This is not intended to be a long term, never ending charity program. It is only offered in a crisis as well, when applicants have no other options available to them.




If after applying, if you are found to be qualified then a cash payment will be made on past due amounts for your water bills. At most $300.00 will be paid out, but once again it depends on government funding. If there have been any signs of illegal practices, applications or tampering, then financial assistance will not be provided and it will denied.

Funds are only offered for water bills. It does not help with other utilities such as gas, electric expenses, late fees, deposits, or reconnection fees.

Your completed application for water bill assistance that identifies your reason and eligibility needs to be provided to the Neighborhood and Revitalization office (see above). It needs to be accompanied by proof of income, most current water bill, and also proof of lawful presence in Illinois and the United States.

Staff from the Neighborhood and Revitalization organization will review your application, checks for past payment history and make sure it was completed accurately and legally. Once all required criteria has been met, payment will be made to the qualified household.

If you do not qualify, then other non-profits or resources in Peoria that may be able to help include the following.

  • Community Action Program, or CAP Office, can be reached at 602-372-0728.
  • Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, dial 480-654-4539.
  • Community Hope Centers – Phone 623-979-4392.
  • St. Vincent de Paul and local churches can be reached at 602-266-4673.




By Jon McNamara

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