People Serving People assistance programs.

Those that are struggling in Minneapolis, including the homeless and poor, may be able to get emergency help from People Serving People. The charity organization will provide short term lodging and also work with clients on obtaining self-sufficiency and stability. The end goal is to help the individual find employment and move into stable, permanent housing.

One of the main resources offered is the Family Transformation Support Services Pilot Program. This is a client-focused assistance program that offers short term aid but was really designed to permanently end a family's homelessness. Those families or individuals that were formerly homeless will be assigned to a social worker from People Serving People. The specialist will offer the client consistent, high-quality case-management in areas such as Stable Income, Employment, Affordable Child Care, Children’s Education, Connection to Community Resources, Health Care and Transportation.

The individuals or family will work with the PSP Home Visiting Advocate to create a plan for stability and long term housing. This will also involve an intake process and self-sufficiency assessment after a family exits PSP to live in their own housing. This assessment will identify any additional support that the family needs. Then work with the advocate towards moving into permanent housing somewhere in the Hennepin County region. The assistance provided is ongoing. The advocate will monitor each clients progress and evaluate it towards achieving their desired outcomes.

Families with children can benefit from various services. People Serving People runs an on-site, licensed all day school in Minneapolis for toddlers, infants and preschoolers from the area. It is offered as a year round service that provides early learning classes to parents with children that are staying at the shelter. The infant/toddler preschools and schools quality parent and child education for homeless individuals and families from Minneapolis. In addition, staff and case workers from the Early Childhood Development Program develop and connect families with local non-profit community resources, serve meals, and offer other support. This child care also in effect give their parents free time to work on finding housing, conducting job searches and other time consuming tasks.




The People Serving People Early Childhood Development Program coordinates developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants and children. There is a particular focus on addressing the areas of development which may be affected by the parents homelessness. Programming includes Recreational Programs, Tutoring, Teen Group, Family nights Play and Learn Parent Groups, the Birthday Program, and the Family Game Pack Program. All of this and more is available at the local shelters and housing units.

The school is not all that is available. Family unity is encouraged through educational development beyond the walls of the shelter. Clients of the non-profit are also connected and referred to non-profit and charity community resources to assist with their children's success. This can include non-profits that offer programs such as Head Start, Job training, and transitional housing.

Parent Engagement Program is another referral and self-sufficiency type program. Staff will try to connect families to resources and also help families develop support networks in the Hennepin County community. A lot of this is offered so when a family moves into permanent housing or apartments they can continue to provide opportunities for their child.

Advocacy Services are arranged by People Serving People. It provides opportunities for families to receive case management, one-on-one assistance, education, and referrals to government benefits and outside resources. All of this is offered in an effort to create stability for struggling and low income families, both while at the shelter and after they move into other more stable homes. The main Advocacy Services also help families break through barriers to move them toward self-sufficiency through connections to programs, people and social services.




Employment services will help the homeless and low income gain new skills, increase their education, and gain employment in the Minneapolis area. Get help in successfully applying for work. Helping people get hired is a main focus of People Serving People’s Employment Services Program.

The organization's employment program focuses on working with struggling and the homeless to teach them basic skills to successfully apply for a job, find a position, get hired, and even retain the job. The case managers work with clients on creating resumes, cover letters, offering help in searching for jobs and applying. They also assist guests on practice interview sessions providing free appropriate interview clothing.

The Technology Resource Center is available for free. It can provide people with the ability to conduct job searches, resume writing, allow e-mail access and complete homework assignments. Classes can help clients improve their Microsoft Office skills, typing exercises, and online searches.

Food and hot meals are served at the Minneapolis shelters. There is even a Culinary Arts Training Program in which people can help prepare the meals for the needy as they work towards gaining skills to work as a chef or in the food industry. So it has several different benefits.

People Serving People as well as their shelter and housing resources are located at 614 Third Street South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415. Call 612-332-4500.



By Jon McNamara

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