Nassau County Parish Outreach emergency assistance programs.

Parish Outreach of Nassau County can be a source of information and possible financial help. Most of what they provide can be thought of as practical support, such as clothing, holiday help, or free food. However from time to time there may be some Nassau County New York families that are truly in need that can get funds for living expenses. This may include rent, heating or water bills, or maybe gasoline vouchers for work.

Another key service from participants such as Holy Trinity Church or Our Lady of Loretto Parish is the referrals they give. The team are a source of information on community service organizations. They know that there is only so much that one agency such as social services can do, so they work with others such as the United Way on Long Island or DHS to provide more long term support.

The Meals for the Elderly resource serves seniors hot, nutritious meals at local sites in their Nassau County community. There may even be transportation given to the location. It provides the senior citizen or their spouse the opportunity to participate in activities as well. This meal service is available at various Senior Centers in towns such as Hempstead New York five days per week.

The pantry, and benefits from SNAP food stamps, is for families in poverty from towns such as Hempstead or Hicksville. They program will help those currently receiving SNAP benefits maintain them, and people who are interested in applying can learn about the process. At the same time this occurs, churches will allow the client to access a thrift store for clothing and household goods. Parish Outreach of Nassau County will help residents who are eligible for SNAP benefits including their children.

Nutritional counselors offer low-income, disadvantaged older adults the health benefits of consuming daily fresh fruits, dairy and vegetable as well as being physically active on a daily basis. An emphasis is placed on how to be active in different ways every day. There are also sessions held on how to save money on fruits and vegetables.

Healthy living and eating for kids is emphasized. For low-income, struggling parents and their preschool or young children, Parish Outreach educates them on healthy, simple food preparation using items such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grain sand lean protein. The kids may also be given clothing for school. Basic food safety principles are discussed as well.





Working poor individuals who are facing an immediate threat of an eviction or an interruption in their utilities have the opportunity to work with a professional case manager from Parish Outreach to help resolve this major crisis situation and create a more stable financial future.

Based on individual circumstances, such as the applicant's income, employment status, and saving levels, Parish Outreach of Nassau can help a needy family or individual stay in their home, eliminating the threat of an eviction. Financial assistance from charities including St Georges Chruch may also be available for help with back rent and/or utility bills.

The Immigration Services Program assists low-income farmworkers, refugees as well as immigrants. Staff from Parish Outreach offer information to individuals on everything from housing to employment. There is even information to businesses and referrals to Nassau County social service agencies. The non-profit will often serve as a liaison with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and are always involved in advocating on behalf of the community.

For unemployed clients that receive TANF grants in Nassau County New York, the social service team at Parish Outreach will try to counsel them on finding gainful employment and returning to an independent life. Additional support is for people facing domestic abuse, substance abuse or mental health issues, and they are offered addition counseling and access to necessary supportive services.





There may even be vouchers for financial aid in some cases, as clients can be supported by providing transportation and childcare services as needed on a short term basis, ensuring they are able to work or seek a job. Or if a needed medication is preventing employment, that can be provided too.

Social workers at Parish Outreach of Nassau County work with the person through case management. They also cover topics such as crisis intervention and accessing supportive services to eliminate conflicts in their lives, ensuring clients meet work requirements. If a client does not meet these requirements, then sanctions such as a loss of their monthly TANF benefits are applied. So this ensure that all employment goals are met.

There are many places that participate in Parish Outreach. Application sites are in Cedarhurst, Seaford, Hempstead and other towns. Call (516)-997-5507 for details.




By Jon McNamara

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