Financial support from Parish Outreach Center.

The mission of Parish Outreach Center is to form a collaborative network of both financial assistance as well as self-sufficiency support for vulnerable, low-income people. A key to doing this is coordination and not doubling up on human services that may be offered by other non-profits in Suffolk County.

Over time, the programs from Parish Outreach Center were developed from partnerships with many agencies and charities including civic and social organizations, foundations, private residents, businesses and like-minded individuals. Together they coordinate a limited amount of resources in an effort to assist as many people as possible.

By working with families who are striving to be sufficient, but that may be currently receive public assistance, Parish Outreach Center combats poverty to help people find long-term stability in their lives and also the lives of their families. The resources from the center work with parents to access necessary resources for them to complete their education and gain job skills for sustainable employment.

Case management is a key service administered. Participants in the program gain valuable skills needed in the challenging job market and increase their earning potential, hopefully ending their need for government assistance. Investing in their education allows clients to potentially have higher salaries and income over the long term, thus leaving behind a life of poverty.

Requirements to stay enrolled are needed, and individuals will need to participate in financial and life skills counseling sessions and also sign up for community service in Suffolk County. With the help of the public, Parish Outreach Center helps these vulnerable people have access to many government and also private benefits. There may be affordable childcare, transportation and grants for utility bill assistance. A key is on stopping homelessness in the community for as wide a network of people as possible.

Free assistance with completing state of New York and federal government applications for benefits is available. This is a service administered for low-income, eligible households who meet the income criteria.  The assistance helps educate clients on benefits they may be eligible for such as Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), SNAP food stamps, health insurance, or housing. This is a short term solution as the client goes through case management referenced above.




Clients also have access to monthly financial literacy classes and workshops that offer them education and resources regarding their personal finances. Topics for these workshops and classes include using coupons, credit counseling, budgeting, reducing debts, home ownership, starting a small business and saving money for furthering their education. The main focus is to illustrate and teach people from the community, regardless of their income, financial responsibility. There are tips on increasing assets and building a portfolio for the future as well.

Some charities in Suffolk County can provide transitional help as well, such as a ride to work or very rarely, donated cars too. There are instances in which the automobile will be used to help other in-need, struggling people sustain employment. This is an equal opportunity for both donor and recipient of the automobile and helps retain employment in the community. In addition, some people can get referrals to local Automotive Repair Shop that offers routine maintenance on the vehicle.

Crisis assistance is available for certain families and it can assist with paying living costs. There tends to be support for individuals or families who are in need of funds, are receiving unemployment as they wait on their new job to start, or have a one time emergency. This may include everything from money for rent or food and medications.

Other resources from Parish Outreach Center or the community may be free food from pantries, clothing, and basic needs. While all resources are limited, staff may refer a client to other agencies if they can't meet the need. Call the charity at (631)281-5634.




By Jon McNamara

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