Pacific Gas Electric Company free energy conservation programs.

A number of free energy conservation services from Pacific Gas Electric Company can help qualified customers save money on their utility bills and also better manage their energy use. The Energy Savings Assistance Program is available for both qualified renters and homeowners. It is also offered for free to these qualified individuals, and has helped thousands of customers in the PG&E service territory save money.

The solutions and any improvements implemented are easy and free. Some examples of what can be offered include updates to your home, house, apartment or even mobile home. Some of the updates and improvements can include installing caulking, low flow showerheads, compact fluorescent lights, insulation, and even completing minor home repairs and more. New appliances can even be provided per below.

Old and/or inefficient appliances can really cause a family’s utility bills to be higher than they need to be. So the PGE Energy Savings Assistance Program can provide for the replacement of your old refrigerator, water heater, and/or furnace. Energy-efficient refrigerators or freezers may be available at no charge if you meet qualifications.

Education is also key. Many people just don’t have the background and knowledge that is required in order to save money or know how to reduce expenses on their accounts. So specialists from PG&E can offer free energy savings tips and advice. These can include something as simple as showing how to use a programmable thermostat or what extra insulation can do for you.

Details on Pacific Gas Electric weatherization services

The PG&E Energy Savings Assistance Program provides low income, working poor, seniors, and other qualified customers with free weatherization measures, energy education, and energy-efficient appliances. Each of these services will reduce a customer’s gas and electric usage, and therefore lower their bills.

Weatherization measures, which can be combined with federal government programs, may include adding attic insulation, additional caulking, weather-stripping, installation of showerheads, and installing compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) bulbs.




The free Pacific Gas Electric Energy Savings Assistance Program is really a weatherization type program that is targeted to income-qualified customers across their service area. The goal is to reduce energy usage, so income-qualified customers can get free energy tips and improvements. This includes education, weatherization measures and energy-efficient appliances.

The program trains contractors across the state to visit homes. PGE will also train and provide Energy Specialists, Natural Gas Appliance Testing Techs, and Weatherization Specialists. In addition, contractors can remove and recycle old refrigerators and install new refrigerators if you qualify for that particular part of the program.

Whether you rent or own, the program is offered for single and multi-family and mobile homes. PGE works with many contractors as well who help oversee the program and perform installations. For example, QCS is a PG&E qualified contractor. They have been involved in weatherization and energy assistance for several years, and QCS has been recognized by PG&E on several occasions as a leader in the program. They have received awards for top customer satisfaction and quality, and meet all guidelines for overall performance.

While most applicants will need to prove their income, the application is streamlined for those customers who currently receive government assistance such as Medi-Cal, TANF (AFDC), SSI, Food Stamps, WIC, or LIHEAP. Many of the beneficiaries of those California or federal government public assistance programs indicated above will also be the primary beneficiaries of the Pacific Gas and Electric Energy Savings Assistance Program.

In order to learn more, receive income guidelines, or to speak to a customer service representative please dial 1-800-989-9744. You will be put into touch with a representative or specialist who will answer your questions and advise you.




By Jon McNamara

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