Outgamie County public assistance.

The Economic Support Division in Outgamie County administers public assistance programs to low income families, households living in poverty, and the disadvantaged. The government agency uses a combination of state and federal funds to pay for these benefits. Whether it is food, child care, heating bill help, or other support needed, the public aid may assist.

Food Share enrollment and education – Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents, including many in Outgamie County, are currently enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is a national benefit service that was formerly known as Food Stamps. The economic support division has some involvement in this program, as the non-profit assists individuals and low income families with completing their application. The case managers will also provide relevant information to those interested in applying for any form of food assistance.

When enrolled into this public aid program, SNAP helps limited-income families expand their budgets to purchase groceries each month. Food Share vouchers can be used to buy foods like dairy, fruits, vegetables, baby formula and meats at grocery stores. The EBT, or Quest card, can also be accepted at some convenience store, as well as farmers’ markets in Outgamie County.

Not only can Food Share buy food, but the benefit can also be used to purchase seeds and plants that produce food. So this allows a household to say plant a garden so they can feed themselves. The program is also combined with Food Share Employment and Training (FSET), which will help the beneficiaries of SNAP find and keep a job.

Low-income households may be eligible for either the LIHEAP or weatherization programs. These offer discounts on electric or gas bills or they may provide a voucher to pay some of the utilities for the household. It also helps pay for furnace repairs and has a crisis component too. A local community action agency, the Economic Support Division, or social service department, determines whether that client qualifies for this public aid, based on which program provides greater savings for the client.





Weatherization services in Outgamie County are designed to help needy homeowners and renters reduce utility expenses. These services are available at no cost to income-eligible households through either federally funded programs or free energy conservation measures that are sponsored by utility companies. Services include installation of caulking, attic insulation, free programmable thermostats, door and window repair or replacement, weather-stripping, installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, CFL energy efficient light bulbs, and water heater and furnace repair and replacement.

Outgamie County Burial Program is another public benefit for the indigent and families living in poverty. There is a limited amount of money (usually in the hundreds of dollars), that will help pay for cremation and/or burial costs. An asset and income test will need to take place. All of the payments are made to the provider, such as the funeral home or cemetery. In general, the applicant needs to have been qualified for medical aid as well. There are also other resources available, and find financial assistance for funerals.

Child Care assistance is available. In general, it is for teenage moms, parents that are working, or that are in the Food Share Employment and Training program. The goal of this Economic Support is to help offset the cost of child care so the parent can focus on their employment or education. This is a sliding fee program that is a subsidy and that is all.

Families with a disabled child can apply for public assistance from the Caretaker Supplement. A small cash payment can be made to help them pay their bills, whether it is for housing, medications, transportation, or other living expenses. The parent(s) need to be enrolled into disability programs such as SSI.

There are several other public assistance programs that are administered by the Economic Support Division in Outgamie County. They include Medicaid (Badgercare), resources for senior citizens, Home Delivered Meal Services and more. For applications to these, or just for information, call the division at (888) 256-4563. The address is 401 S Elm St, Appleton, WI 54911.



By Jon McNamara

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