Butte County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The less fortunate in Butte County can get help from the Salvation Army. There is counseling and social services provided from the ministry, goods sold from a thrift store in the city of Oroville, as well as a food and nutrition program that is available from the community center.

The charity partners with other Salvation Army centers in California and the western United States. This partnership helps in setting goals such as obtaining the most amount of food for the community and helps to flow of government grants to go towards the local Salvation Army center. Any assistance provided, whether financial or for basic needs, is intended to supplement the client's resources, and the Oroville Salvation Army should never be replied upon.

Emergency programs in Butte County

Food – Struggling families, immigrants, migrant farm-workers, and others can receive nonperishable grocery items. The community center in Oroville has an on-site, emergency food pantry. There is also a soup kitchen that can be used, specifically by the homeless. In an emergency, the feeding site can be used to provide free, nourishing meals for a household.

Emergency Financial Assistance – The Butte County Salvation Army helps individuals who are behind on their rent and in danger of eviction. There may also be some funding for tenants or homeowners that are close to having their power or electricity turned off, and a one-time financial contribution may be made toward utility bills, rent, or other housing needs.

Clothing – In a small number of situations, families can receive a voucher to shop at the Thrift Store. At that Oroville location they can obtain shoes, clothing, school uniforms, linens, work attire, kitchen utensils, shampoo, and other home items.

Additional support from Salvation Army in Oroville

Family Thrift Store - This Salvation Army program is at 2357 Myers St., Oroville, CA 95966. Dial (530) 534-9556. Shop for furniture, household supplies, and other goods. This is also where vouchers for free stuff are redeemed.





Furniture – Vouchers can also be issued by the Salvation Army to help Butte County residents that are recovering from either domestic violence or a natural disaster. It will help them get back on their feet. The voucher is good for use at the thrift store, and people can acquire what they need to help replace some of the items lost.

Christmas and Thanksgiving – Free food boxes as well as Turkeys (when available) or gift-cards are given to qualified households so they can experience a holiday meal. There is also the Oroville Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, which gives children and seniors free toys, clothing, presents, shoes, personal items and other gifts.

Holiday Meal Service – Not only are the programs above in operation, but the community center also serves (or refers residents to) a nourishing, warm meal service to all who ask. It is run in partnership with local restaurants and individuals who donate the food, preparing the meals, and serve as well.

School - Children and students from very low income families receive can be given backpacks, clothes, shoes, pencils or pens, notebooks and more for the upcoming school year. It helps the child build confidence when returning for the year.

Casework Services -  Butte County Salvation Army helps clients gain stability, rebuild character, and assists with overall transition. Anyone can enroll, ranging from unemployed to the disabled, sick, families in poverty, or people just looking for a little advice.




Ministries – This are for women, young adults, men, and others. Each will give counseling, spiritual guidance, and general advice. There is also a church service in place as well.

The community center for the Salvation Army is at 1640 Washington Avenue, Oroville, California, 95966. The main intake number is 530-534-7155, or the thrift store can be reached at (530) 534-9556 (the address is above).

By Jon McNamara

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