Orange County Florida emergency assistance.

A number of emergency housing, utility, and financial assistance programs are offered for Orange County Florida residents. Most of the services are targeted at people who are faced with a temporary financial crisis, and who will be able to regain their self-sufficiency within a short period of time.

One of the programs is known as the Family Resource Program. This resource may be able to offer financial assistance to families who are going through more of a longer term hardship. While the definition of that will vary, typically aid is offered to people who are having difficulties as the result of a disability or health issue. Some of the services offered by the Orange County Family Resource Programs include:

  • Budget and housing counseling, debt reductions, and general financial assistance.
  • Case managers can represent clients in an effort to obtain needed social services and government benefits.
  • Get information on government health care programs, community clinics in Orange County, and general medical care.
  • Along those same lines, learn about other local non-profits in the Orange County and Orlando area that may offer emergency assistance.

Dial 407-836-6512 to learn more.

Another resource is known as the Crisis Assistance Program. This resource can provide direct cash assistance to Orange County Florida residents who are faced with an unexpected temporary financial emergency or hardship. However in order to get help, the applicant will need to be self-sufficient again within the following month.

Grants and financial assistance provided may include funds for the payment of rent, monthly mortgage, utilities, electric bills, food, and more. Specifically they include:





  • Financial assistance for all sorts and types of utility bills, including gas, electric, water, and even heating oil and bills.
  • Housing expenses, including emergency financial assistance with rent or mortgage.
  • Food, groceries, clothing, and other incidentals.
  • Transportation assistance and vouchers via local bus service.
  • Crisis Assistance can provide linkages to internal programs of Youth and Family Services Division of Orange County Florida.
  • Referrals to other appropriate non-profits in Orlando and local community resources where indicated.

In order to qualify for the crisis grants, applicants must have Documentation of Legal Residency in Orange County; insufficient resources and income to meet their emergency need; their bills or emergency need is not huge and it can be resolved with limited financial assistance; and applicants must have an unexpected emergency situation.

Call 407-836-6500 to learn more on Crisis Assistance program.

The Orange County Crisis Assistance Program can also help people apply for the federal government Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP). This is the federally funded government program and it provides financial help and cash grants to help low-income and elderly households in meeting the costs of cooling and electricity bills for Orange County residents. LIHEAP can pay for.

Disconnection prevention – If you are in immediate danger of having your power turned off for non-payment of utility bills and may be losing access to needed home energy, and then a crisis grant may be able to help. Up to two benefit payments can be paid out to Orange County families during the program year. This emergency financial assistance may cover utility bill payment, fees for restoring power, money to pay for utility deposits, and more.




Weatherization – Contractors in Orange County Florida will visit qualified low income homes to perform an energy audit. The homeowner may be able to receive free energy conserving home improvements as part of the weatherization program.

Ongoing home energy bill assistance – This can help pay regular monthly bills, and qualified low income, disabled, and senior citizen households can get help to meet the cost of paying for home energy expenses.


By Jon McNamara

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