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Clients of Operation Blessing of Johnson County can come all backgrounds. The agency will help senior citizens as well as singles or families with children. Others seeking help may be the homeless in the county or disabled. No matter the person's background, Operation Blessing will try to find some type of resource for that need. Some of the key resources are available at the Venting Place.

Housing and food is provided by a program established in 1983. It is known as Emergency Food and Shelter, and grants are issued by the federal government from it. Funds are funneled through the United Way and in turn given to charities such as Operation Blessing.

This program serves the entire county. When funds are issued, they are used to supplement food for the hungry or provide shelter to the homeless or DV survivors. Other grants can be used to pay rent or mortgages or assist with utilities for those struggling in the community.

Operation Blessing runs a prescription voucher assistance program that specifically targets low income, elderly community members. The applicant may be given a voucher to use for any doctor prescribed medications. It is only for people without insurance, and it can take several weeks to go through the application process.

This service is necessary in the larger Johnson community as many low-income, elderly citizens cannot afford health care on their own. Medications are even more challenging to acquire. The many reasons for this include little income to purchase their prescription medications, a lack of affordable health care and lack of funds to for medical visits. In general, some of the clients of Operation Blessing have a general lack of understanding when it comes to engaging in preventative care behaviors.

Operation Blessing tries to improve the health of the indigent, elderly population. They do this by referring people to clinics or creating the prescription assistance program. Medications are available to them at low to no cost. Health care providers, hospitals in Cleburne and national pharmaceutical companies understand that the elderly will not be able to maintain their health if they don’t have access to necessary prescription drugs.

To address this need, there may be free medications from participating pharmaceutical companies. They are then passed through to senior citizens. This also frees up their income which can then be used to pay other costs that sustain their daily living needs such as other food, utilities, housing and purchasing clothing.




Operation Blessing Senior Citizen service offers a congregate meal program to low income elderly aged 60 years and older at participating centers. Seniors as well as their spouses can receive nutritious meals each week at a low cost. In addition, the center provides them the means to socialize with their peers and receiving any rehab or supportive services they may need.

This meal program, in addition to providing healthy food consistently to seniors, also prevents isolation. It is specially beneficial to indigent and isolated elderly who are facing health risks related to inadequate knowledge. It also helps those who lack of motivation and have poor access to obtaining and preparing nutritious food.

One resource, the Venting Place, is a counseling center. Operation Blessing created this unit to help clients in recovery from problems, such as homelessness, chemical dependency, credit issues, anger management, and stress management. There will often be a low cost for these sessions. The address is 501 N. Heard St.  Ste. E, Cleburne, Texas 76031.

For homeless families in Johnson County Texas, Operation Blessing works with them on a one to one basis in a supportive and kind manner. Staff partner with the individual to help them resolve and lift barriers that caused them to become homeless in the first place.

Not only will housing needs be addressed, but in addition, making sure their children have a solid education is a major focus. Operation Blessing also wants the person to find stable and steady employment. There are many resources found in the program to help families attain these goals. Some of them include combining housing such as shelter, transitional and permanent. There are also tenant education classes held once a new home has been obtained.

Local residents in the community who are struggling financially have the opportunity to work with Operation Blessing through the Thrift Shop. This is where clothing, school supplies, and other items are sold from. The money saved by a shopper can make a difference when it comes to paying other bills.




One time cash grants may be offered, on a very limited basis. Examples of some of the needs of struggling clients includes assistance paying utility, rent or mortgage costs, or other living expenses. Food assistance may be available from the Pantry for certain local residents in Cleburne Texas. Free medical equipment and supplies such as walkers, crutches, canes, or bedside commodes are available for loan when in stock.

In order to qualify for financial support, potential clients need to bring proof of identity and residence within the community. In addition to money from Operation Blessing, local residents may be able to receive specific referrals. For those potential clients specifically needing financial assistance, the following items are required to be considered for eligibility. Bring proof of residence such as utility bill with your name, lease; Photo ID; completed Application for assistance; and also Proof of Income for all adults in the household. This includes last 2 month’s pay stubs; Tax Return; or last month’s bank account statement showing disability, unemployment, social security, child support or other income. Or call the Operation at (817) 645-8511.


By Jon McNamara

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