Onondaga public assistance.

If you need help paying for basic needs in Onondaga County, then look into the various public and government assistance programs. Resources can help low income families, seniors, and disabled receive financial assistance. Also get help in gaining skills and becoming self-sufficient. Read more about all services available from the Onondaga County Department of Social Services (phone (315) 435-2700) below.

Cash assistance and help for basic living needs can be provided by the states Temporary Assistance program. This state and federal government funded public assistance program may be able to offer cash assistance for needy and low income men, women, families and children in Onondaga County.

Individuals who can’t find a job, are unable to work, or whose income is just too low to pay their bills may be able to benefit from Temporary Assistance in Onondaga County. This program may be able to help. Cash can be distributed to pay rent, utilities, medications, provide food, and much more.

Onondaga County Family Assistance is targeted at helping families with children in Syracuse and throughout the county. Public assistance is offered for families with children. Qualified applicants can receive cash for up to 5 years. An extension may be provided too. For example, after five years of receiving Family Assistance, an Onondaga family may continue to receive public assistance and government benefits if an adult is disabled and cannot work. This is just one of the key exceptions that can extend aid.

Onondaga County Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), which is the local version of the federal government LIHEAP program, can help low income families, seniors and the disabled pay for their heating and utility bills. There are a total of three main parts of HEAP, and they include Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement, Regular HEAP, and an Emergency component, which will pay utility and heating bills in a crisis or potential disconnection.

Emergency Financial Assistance – If you are faced with a crisis, such as a utility disconnection, eviction, need money for moving expenses, or need cash for paying for food, then Onondaga County Department of Social Services provides emergency public assistance. Money can be offered for any type of emergency or urgent need or situation that has to be taken care of right away. The formal name of the two programs are Emergency Safety Net Assistance as well as Emergency Assistance for Families, and unfortunately the amount of public aid available is limited.





Food assistance is provided in Onondaga County by Food Stamps. This federal funded public assistance program is tasked with reducing hunger and addressing malnutrition of low income families. Benefits and vouchers to pay for food and groceries are provided through an Electronic Benefit Transfer card at grocery stores and supermarkets across Syracuse and the county. The exact amount of food vouchers provided by SNAP food stamps will depend on how many individuals are in the household and their total income, among other factors.

Even single adults and families without children in Onondaga County can get help from the standard Safety Net Assistance program. Cash assistance can be provided to pay for the basic living expenses and bills for childless couples, single adults or families who have used up their 5-year limit of FA.

Financial assistance for day care and child care can be provided to. Subsidized child care may be available for certain eligible parents or caretakers to enable him/her to work. Parents need to be attending job training or working in order to qualify for this Onondaga County program.

The Department of Social Services can provide Emergency Assistance for Adults for SSI recipients. This state and federal government funded program may be able to pay for benefits when necessary for true emergencies or a financial crisis that is beyond the individual’s control. Money can pay for shelter or housing, moving expenses, and cover expenses if someone is impacted by a fire or natural disaster. The agency can also issue public funds to pay the bills if someone lost or had their SSI check stolen.

Public health insurance is offered by the Onondaga County Department of Social Services Medicaid Community Unit. This will help people apply for a wide variety of government and public health insurance programs including Medicaid, Prenatal care services (Presumptive Eligibility), Family Health Plus (FHP), Family Planning Benefit Program and the Medicare Savings Program.




By Jon McNamara

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