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Ohio Edison utility bill assistance.

Ohio Edison offers their own financial assistance programs and payment plans, and they can also direct low income customers to government programs and services. A number of resources are available for paying utility and heating bills. The energy provider will do their best to work with customers to prevent a disconnection of their utilities. Get information on your various options below as well as possible solutions to an unpaid utility bill.

The State of Ohio Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus, also known as PIPP Plus, is an extended payment arrangement that is available for qualified Ohio Edison customers. The program allows Ohio Edison to accept payments based on a percentage of a customer's total household income. Dial 1-800-633-4766 to learn more about PIPP Plus.

Those customers who are successfully enrolled in this financial assistance program must pay a percentage of their household income towards their bills. For example, those households who do not heat their homes with electricity will be required to pay up to 6 percent of their gross monthly household income each month or $10 (whichever is more) towards their energy bills. Those Ohio Edison customers who heat their homes with electricity will be required to pay 10 percent of their total monthly household income each month or $10 (whichever is more) for expenses.

Another service is the PIPP Arrearage Crediting (PAC) plan. The state of Ohio PAC helps customers pay off the amount of any bills that may be in arrears and that were deferred while the individual was enrolled in PIPP Plus.

Equal Payment Plan, which was previously named as the Preferred Payment Plan, will provide Ohio Edison customers with a fixed monthly energy bill. What will happen is each month the customer will be billed one-twelfth of their estimated usage. A true up will occur each and every quarter, and the amount billed may be reset. This Equal Payment Plan allows customers to budget their money much more effectively and not be faced with the spikes in their bills around the cold winter or hot summer months. This service is free to use, and there is no charge to enroll, and is open to people of all backgrounds and incomes.





Ohio Edison Payment Plans may be offered to customers whose financial condition makes it difficult to pay their monthly electric bills on time. The utility company will do their best to work with households to arrange an extended payment plan for paying their utility bills. This may allow a customer to put off a disconnection and maintain their utility service while they make payments on their unpaid bills.

Federal government funded Home Energy Assistance Program is offered. This is the state of Ohio’s version of the LIHEAP program. Low income, elderly, and customers of Ohio Edison who are facing a hardship need to apply at their local community action agency. The HEAP program provides individuals help with paying winter heating bills and, from time to time, summer cooling bills. Call 1-800-633-4766.

There are two main components of HEAP. They include an Emergency Program, which is only offered once per year. This service provides an emergency cash grant payment for qualified low-income customers of Ohio Edison. The payment provided by HEAP must be used to restore electric service or avoid a shutoff. The second option is the so called standard HEAP Cash Program, which is more of an annual grant to help with heating costs, and can be applied for yearly.

Military Deferred Payment Program was created for families who have had members called to active military duty and who are facing financial difficulties as a result of that call up. Customers who are participating in the Ohio Edison Military Deferred Payment Program may be able to defer paying either all or a part of their monthly electric or heating bill. Then in the future, when the family member in the military service returns home, only at that point will the customer’s account is reviewed to determine any needed payment arrangements for the balance owed on their bills. Call 1-800-686-3421.

Extended Payment Due Date is offered for customers who live on a fixed income. The primary beneficiaries are individuals who are 60 years old and who receive a monthly pension or Social Security check. Other beneficiaries are those who receive disability assistance. These customers may sometimes receive their electric bill just before their monthly benefit check comes. So for these customers Ohio Edison may extend the customers payment due date until after their check arrives.





Project REACH is offered to people who are facing an emergency hardship, and it is a charity fund designed to help low income and struggling customers who have suffered a recent financial hardship or emergency and who also need temporary financial assistance in paying their electric bill. Funding and donations for Project REACH is provided by Ohio Edison customers, employees of the company, and FirstEnergy shareholders. The Salvation Army accepts applications and distributes cash to qualified Ohio Edison customers. Call 1-800-633-4766.

Ohio Edison administered medical programs include Medical Certification as well as the Critical Customer Care Program. Medical Certification is offered for Ohio Edison customers who are faced with severe health problems and who may have a serious health matter and they need to keep their power on while they fight through this challenge. A licensed physician must certify this condition. The second option is known as the Critical Customer Care Program. This service will identify customers who use certain electrically operated life sustaining medical equipment in their home and who need to be notified of any upcoming power outages.

Dial 1-800-633-4766 for more information on these or other financial assistance programs offered by Ohio Edison.




By Jon McNamara

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