Oaklette United Methodist Church emergency assistance.

Find how the programs and partnerships available from Oaklette United Methodist Church can assist low income families. The charity can provide limited amounts of financial support or basic needs, such as food from a pantry or funds for energy bills or rent. Volunteers as well as case managers will also partner with individuals on helping them achieve financial stability.

While anyone can apply for help, and they may be assisted if the non-profit has funds and if the person qualifies, a priority is on helping families with young children or maybe senior citizens in Chesapeake Virginia area. The fact is those individuals are most at risk without assistance, so this is one reason that the charity will offer them priority.

Information on applications to government aid, such as USDA commodities or the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, may be available. These tend to be for very low income families that are facing a crisis, and the application process is strict.

What may be provided from these solutions is a grant for paying back rent or maybe an energy bills, and this is what EFSP can address. In some cases, a formerly homeless person may get help with paying a portion of a security deposit on a new low income apartment, or shelters are also arranged.

This is a federal government program and it can help homeless people across the county, or it can assist those that are behind on their rent or mortgage. Funds are available at different times throughout the year; based on funding levels and demand.

Oaklette United Methodist Church financial assistance provides immediate resources or interest free loans for people in emergency situations. This relies on funding and other factors. The application process will involve the evaluation of an individual’s or family’s need for the money on a case-by-case basis. While terms and conditions will change, the non-profit offers emergency assistance for rent/mortgage bills, heating or utility bills and prescription medications.

The demand is high and resources are limited. Therefore all financial assistance is first come and first serve. It is only as a last resort and for resolving a crisis, and money is given only after meeting with the Case Manager to review the needs and resources of the household members. They also offer short term housing or shelter from Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team, NEST.





Note that much of the support from the church and their Community Assistance Program (CAP) has now transitioned to other agencies in the area. While the church does partner with them, in many cases people seeking help will just be given a referral.

Holiday and seasonal assistance can be arranged, mostly by volunteers as well and these depend on donations to Oaklette United Methodist Church. There may be Easter Baskets for children, School Supply Giveaways and more. These can offer essential educational supplies such as backpacks at no cost for students who cannot afford to purchase them.

Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts are for low-income and homeless individuals and families with children who might otherwise have no opportunity to celebrate the holiday. Some meals and resources may be delivered to people’s homes by United Methodist Church volunteers.

One option is Adopt-A-Family, and this matches people or businesses who want to provide holiday assistance with a child, senior citizen, a low-income family or others in their community who would be unable to celebrate Christmas. The goal is to allow the person to enjoy the holiday without breaking their budget on buying goods.

In some cases, the agency can provides a voucher, as funding is available, to purchase gasoline. This as well is limited to residents who need their automobile for necessary local travel (such as a job interview) but cannot afford to run their vehicle without assistance. In some cases, a ride may be arranged by volunteers of Oaklette United Methodist Church rather than given out a voucher.




Another main service is referrals. The staff from the church provide education on SSI, SSDI, Food Stamps, & Earn Income Tax Credit (EITC) services, among others. The goal is to help make public assistance & long-term solutions more accessible to the needy. There is also advice on setting budgets, avoiding predatory lenders, and decision making, among other steps.

Hunger prevention services

There are a few options available from Oaklette United Methodist Church or its partners in Chesapeake. They are there to feed residents that may otherwise go hungry without help. The exact services are as follows.

Meals on Wheels Program is operated, and the agency will provide a free hot meal, freshly prepared. In some cases, there may be frozen meals available for holidays, weekends and inclement weather days.

A local food pantry helps families from Chesapeake supplement their nutritional needs, save money, and greatly reduce grocery expenses and freeing up their money for other bills. Clients can visit the pantry to pick up fresh food and staples such as beans, canned, rice and dried goods.

Government aid is from USDA Commodities. The staff offer healthy foods for economically challenged households and for the elderly, and some of this will come from the local food pantries.

For more information on these or other services, the agency is at 520 Oaklette Drive, or dial the United Way for referrals.



By Jon McNamara

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