Nueces County public assistance and social services.

All of the public assistance available in Corpus Christi as well as Nueces County is available from the Department of Human Services. This is where low income families need to turn to. There are programs for the unemployed as well as seniors. Another focus of the social workers at the office is on ensuring access to some form of medical care for the working poor.

For people that are in job training, employed and that meet very low income levels, there is the TANF cash assistance program. This will offer short term public aid in the form of grants. It also will help a resident find employment and access job training in Nueces County.

As part of TANF, the funds can be used for daily living expenses. Whether the family needs food, rent, clothing, or money for paying an utility bill, TANF can help. While most of the applicants are families with children, the DHS office can also provide some form of support to single parents as well. Also, it is important to note that this form of public aid will only last for months or a couple years at most.

Food stamps can be applied to at the Department of Human Services in Nueces County. The county partners with the USDA (U. S. Department of Agriculture) to ensure that families living in poverty have some form of food for their household. Thousands of people from the county are enrolled into this service. However many more may be eligible but just don't know it.

The client will be given an EBT card to shop at a local grocery store. So this will help them pay for some of their grocery bills. It will not cover hot or prepared meals, paper products, cleaning supplies and the like. So there are restrictions in place for food stamp recipients.

Some families can't attend job training or take on a certain job due to excessive child care obligations. In these cases, there is public aid for paying for a portion of child care expenses. Nueces County will help the parents obtain a voucher which will pay for a portion of their care. In addition, they have information on approved day care providers that accept this form of public assistance as a payment.

Only some of the cost will be paid by DHS in Nueces County. The balance needs to be paid by the parent. Also, the applicant needs to be working a defined number of hours or they need to be in job training. So this will ensure that the parent is gaining the ability to provide for their family in the near future.




An indigent burial program is in place in parts of Texas. All applications are reviewed on a one off basis. When possible, the DHS will assist with a small portion of the costs for a burial service, up to a certain dollar amount. The individual can't have saving or any source of income that can pay for this on their own, so in other words they need to be considered to be indigent.

The main public program for energy bills in the Corpus Christi area is the Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). This combined a form of weatherization with grants for paying cooling and utility bills. It will focus on seniors as well as the disabled.

CEAP will pay a portion of a few bills throughout the year. The DHS - Department of Human Services also offers additional help during a disaster, such as hurricane. In addition, the social workers partner with energy providers so they can direct residents of the county to payment plans or other state resources.

While there is financial support, conservation is encouraged too. Public aid along won't solve an energy crisis. So the social workers will direct homeowners to weatherization services, offer tips on reducing usage, and similar support.

A large number of residents lack proper medical coverage. In these cases, children can enroll into CHIP for affordable care. The main option for the elderly is to sign up for public health care from Medicare. Lastly, very low income families and the disabled can apply for Medicaid. Each of these services can help pay a portion of medical bills that are charged to a Nueces County family.

There are two main locations of Nueces County Department of Human Services. The phone number is 361-888-0837, and the locations are 103 North Sixth Street, Robstown as well as 901 Leopard Street, Room 302, Corpus Christi Texas. All applicants need to meet income qualifications that are in place.




By Jon McNamara

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