Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency financial assistance programs.

For low income families facing a crisis, the Community Action Agency of Northeast Oklahoma may be able to help. The non-profit can provide short term support during an emergency. Case managers from the center can also help address longer term needs, such as lack of employment or education.

While several financial aid programs are offered, they are limited. Some of the more common requests for help are for rent and utility bill assistance, medications, or security deposits. The community action agency is also involved in income tax preparation services, the VITA program, affordable housing, and medication. Resources are offered across the Northeastern Counties of Craig, Delaware, and Ottawa.

Locate financial aid for bills, rent, and housing

When faced with a short term crisis, the non-profit may be able to help. Some of the common causes of a hardship may be a car repair, loss of a job, unexpected prescription costs or medical bills, or a reduction in hours. If and when that occurs, then Northeast Oklahoma CAA may have emergency financial assistance available.

Either a loan or a limited cash payments may be available. The funds are targeted at expenses such as rental payments, a utility bill, or eviction prevention services. There is even a shelter program, including help with paying security deposits for the currently homeless. If the community action agency can’t meet your needs, then referrals may be available to other churches or charities in counties such as Craig or Ottawa.

Homeless assistance is available in the service territory. People or families may experience homelessness for many reasons, including health care needs or loss of a job. This may result in the loss of all their financial resources. Other causes may be due to domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental illness. All too many of those without shelter are children.

Many evicted and homeless people even have jobs, but maybe they are low paying. These individuals and families are often forced into homelessness by emergencies or other events. They usually get back on track with assistance, and this is what Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency tries to provide.




They work with charities, shelters, non-profits, social service agencies, and other groups in Oklahoma to assist the homeless. Staff from NEOCAA try to help them return to independent lives and permanent housing. Some of what may be available includes funds to pay rent, utility bills, and other homeless prevention resources as well.

Other housing services are offered as well. They offer shelter and transitional houses for homeless individuals, offer referrals to transitional housing, and can assist with permanent placement as well into low income apartments. The Affordable Housing they are involved with will be safe, decent housing which is affordable for individuals or families that may earn less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

Prescription medication assistance is also offered by the agency. Programs from the Community Action Agency or Northeast Oklahoma may be able to assist. There is the RX for Oklahoma. This can help clients access a wide variety of medical assistance programs that are provided directly by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. This is for residents of Delaware, Craig and Ottawa, regardless of age, who are either under or uninsured insured.

Medications are also offered for seniors or low income families that are enrolled into Medicaid and Medicare Part D. Support is for beneficiaries with unique circumstances. All of the major drug company pharmaceutical programs vary and have certain requirements that must be met by applicants as well.

Staff from NEOCAA can assist with completing applications and assembling the required documentation. When in a crisis, emergency help may be available for short term prescription needs. Another option is the Oklahoma RX Discount Card, which can help people save money.

Weatherization Assistance program installs energy saving measures in a low income families home. This will provide them with long term relief by reducing their energy bills on average $350 each year. Among other things, it will make your home healthier, more comfortable and safer while using less energy.





As part of this process, an audit will occur. Based on the results of this, the contractors may add extra insulation of floor, wall, attic, water heater and exposed pipes. Or it can pay for the repairs for heating units. Other updates may be weather striping and caulking, CLB bulbs, furnace tune ups, repairs, or window fixes or replacements. Both homeowners and tenants can benefit from weatherization and a more energy efficient home.

The Homeless Continuum of Care is yet another housing focused resource that is offered by the Northeast Oklahoma community action agency. Many social service agencies, shelter, churches, and government agencies are part of this. It really involves eviction prevention, so there may be funds to pay rent, utility bills, or maybe a security deposit fee. The homeless can receive case management, and maybe even assistance with moving costs and expenses. The Continuum covers an 11 county area, including the regions of Delaware, Craig and Ottawa.

Financial counseling from Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency

The Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency center offers clients with advice for Financial Empowerment. This can help people save money, budget and even invest. This will help them establish a foundation for a secure financial future. The community action agency center provides useful advice to help people plan their family’s future.




Credit counselors and staff will work with clients on budget and finance skills for investing or saving to purchase a home, debt reduction, credit repair, and more. There are many classes and workshops held.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, is a free service for low to moderate income residents. Volunteers and counselors sponsored by NEOCAA receive training and will work with clients to prepare tax returns. The preparation sites are located at local churches and DHS offices as well as other convenient locations throughout the service area.

For more information, all the Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency. The main address is 856 E. Melton Drive, Suite C and the phone number is (918) 253-4683.


By Jon McNamara

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