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North Mason Resources has been assisting the less fortunate across the Mason and Kitsap County region for years. A number of services are coordinated to families faced by a challenge, whether it is homelessness or other social problems. Direct assistance from the charity may include food or placement into shelter. However NM Resources also offers other forms of support in partnership with local charities and the state.

The non-profit offers a full continuum of services, ranging from basic needs like food and clothing to information on housing and employment programs. There are also services for senior citizens as well as veterans, among others. The help is also help focused on men and women who are in need of developing the skills to assist them toward self-sufficiency.

Housing assistance, including one known as Supportive Services for Veteran Families, is for the very low income in the community. However anyone that is struggling with their rent or mortgage can contact the Homeless Resource Coordinator on site.

They can coordinate both eviction prevention as well as assistance for the currently homeless in Kitsap County. Note that SSVF is focused on veterans in the community. Some of the housing resources, both for veterans and others, include the following.

  • Outreach is done in an effort to find the person where they reside.
  • Applications to financial aid is a pro-active approach to preventing evictions.
  • Case Management will offer long term support and guidance.
  • Veterans can receive Linkages to workshops on how to apply to VA Benefits as part of SSVF.
  • Employment/Vocational Counseling includes Job Skills/Training Services, legal aid, and more
  • Bus Passes are available for local transportation.
  • North Mason Resources Housing Counseling can address long term hardships.

NM Resources offers services both to address long and short term hunger. The food assistance programs are used to fill the stomach of people of all ages. Whether they are a senior or child, free groceries or maybe a hot meal is served.




In order to receive food from the charity, the staff will require proof of residency as well as income. This may be a pay stub or maybe a copy of an old water or utility bill with the resident's name and address on it. To qualify, people must be a resident of the County and have income that meets certain federal government poverty levels.

Whenever possible, North Mason Resources will try to provide emergency food assistance to those families who cannot provide for themselves. It can only be used a certain number of times per month, and there may be groceries, non-perishable canned items, fruits, and more. Food boxes are distributed on a monthly basis.

Donations are key to this service. The non-profit can only give what is contributed to them by others.  So they are always asking the community to join in the effort to help the less fortunate. There are other charities, churches, and groups that conduct food drives, and the staff from NM Resources are always grateful for those efforts. While any items will always be appreciated, fresh produce, low salt staples of every kind, whole grain pasta, multi-grain cereal, and other healthy fare is always in high demand.

Other services are available too. One, known as MTG MEDS, can help low income or the under-insured locate either inexpensive or free prescription medications. There are regional discount cards in Kitsap or Mason County as well as programs run by pharmaceutical companies. There is also a Health Care Signup service administered by the team at North Mason Resources and a nurse or dental hygentist will sometimes drop by for check ups.

Job placement, including for hard to place individuals such as the long term unemployed, are an option from WorkSource. One other solution is Vocational Rehabilitation Employment, and this is for adults with disabilities. There are services from the North Mason Resources center for securing employment. When people are placed into a position, the next step of the process may be on the job coaching as well as ongoing support to ensure employment success.





Employment specialist will work with the client to help ensure all goals are met. A detailed plan, that will be measured against, is created. It will help people find competitive employment. If someone needs support in getting to their job, or needs clothes for it, then employment specialists will assist with local transportation to and from interviews.

Other components include in-house training classes including interview skills, employability training, completing a job application, addressing workplace conflicts, community resources, attendance and dressing for success. Whatever it takes to find and keep a job is available.

Students can take part in the Olympic College. A specialist will assist them with obtaining and completing any college application. There is also advice on applying for financial aid, enrollment, scholarships, GED, loans for education expenses and more. This service is both for new students and adult education as well.

No matter what service listed above is being applied for, the programs are staffed with compassionate and well trained staff. They take their time to understand the hardship, and take a holistic approach to the issues. The assistance programs will be client-centered.

When applying for food or some form of financial support, they try to direct clients to resources that have the greatest degree of success for those in need. During the application process that is done by North Mason Resources, the staff will work to identify strengths and weaknesses of the client They will be done taking into account mental, employment, physical and social conditions in order to design an individualized plan. For more details, call North Mason Resources at (360)-552-2303 or stop by 140 NE State Route 300, Belfair, Washington.



By Jon McNamara

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