Newberg Love Inc. assistance programs.

Love Inc. is a leading charity in the Newberg area of Oregon. The organization helps coordinate the various programs offered by dozens of local churches and social service agencies. While resources are limited, clients may receive everything from food, meals, case management, and more. Some of the leading services offered by the churches and the local ministries are below.

Anyone who needs help in the region, including the towns of Newberg, Carlton, Dundee, Lafayette, Yamhill, Dayton, St. Paul and even parts of Sherwood Oregon can call the intake or Clearinghouse line. Staff and volunteers will set up an appointment to review your situation and application. If possible, they will offer aid or referrals to possible solutions to your hardship. They will generally offer referrals to the local churches or other charities.

Clothing and supplies

School Supplies and Backpacks may be provided to students. The main church from the region that oversees this is GodSong. There may also be free paper, binders, pencils, markers, rulers, glue, backpacks, and other supplies.

During the cold Yamhill Oregon winter, H.U.G.S. (Hats, Umbrellas, Gloves, and Scarves) can be valuable. The charity has these items available from referrals to the Clearinghouse.

The Newberg Love Inc. Ministry known as Kitchen Set-Up may have household goods such as storable containers, pots and pans, silverware, plates, glasses, baking dishes, utensils, laundry soap and more. It can only be turned to at most once per year.

Free diapers are for qualified families and single moms that take part in the Relational Ministry.

The Bike Ministry involves fixing old bikes and provided them back to the greater Yamhill County region. The Newberg Police Department is a key partner.

There is also a local Love Inc. Clothes Closet for adults as well as children. This is located at the 7th Day Adventist Church at 530 Edgewood Drive or Church of Christ at 2503 Haworth Ave, Newberg, Oregon.




Families can also turn to the Linen Closet. The Love Inc. program may have free shower curtains, comforters, dish cloths, blankets, Sheets, towels, and more. St. Peter Parish in the Washington County area also participates.

A so called Non-Food Pantry is a key Newberg Love Inc. resource. It may have detergent, tooth paste, cleaning supplies, and more. They are items that people can usually buy with food stamps. The address is 1025 Industrial Pkwy Bldg. C, Newberg. Call 503.537.3087 for more details.

Personal Hygiene Care Kits are distributed. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioners, soap, dental floss, lotion, free shaving cream, razors, and tooth brushes may be contained in the kits.

Wood for heating homes or apartments may be provided by Love INC of Newberg to low income clients during the winter months. Or callers may get referrals to other energy programs in Yamhill County or places such as Carlton, Dayton, or Dundee.

Food assistance from Love in Newberg

Breakfast Bags are for low income and homeless in shelters in towns such as Dayton or Dundee. While depending on donations, they may contain plastic spoons, juice boxes, fruit cups, and granola bars. In addition, a local Community Kitchen may provide free hot meals, groceries, and other items once or twice per week.

Weekend or Friday Food Bags can be used to supplement food and nutritional needs for families that would otherwise go without. Some of what may be offered includes two loaves of bread, rice, a jar of jelly, beans, or maybe a free jar of peanut butter. The Newberg Christian & First United Methodist Church run this. There are also frozen food boxes or free meals for the community on Fridays, Wednesdays as well as Mondays.





The needy may receive Sack Lunch Kits at the main Love Inc. center. It may have granola bars, juice boxes, crackers, plastic spoon, ready-to-eat soup, and more.

Love Inc. free dental or medical care and clinics

A van operates once a month at 110 S. Everest Rd and can assist people with pain in the mouth. St. Michaels Episcopal provides the service to the needy and low income.

Over the Counter Medications are also offered. The homebound or elderly can even get them home delivered. There may be free Tylenol, band-aids and ibuprofen and more, such as thermometers.

There is also a Newberg Medical/Dental clinic. It is for uninsured and very low income patients. They may receive free health or dental services. Various dentists, doctors, nurses, audiologists and other medical professionals work with qualified patients on a voluntary basis. Cleaning, extraction, physicals, and more are coordinated by Love. Other medical care can include Teeth Cleaning, Vision Screenings, Pain in the Mouth Relief, and Hearing Exams.

Other programs and services

Community Shelter is for children, women, and single parents in the area. Dial 503-537-3999 for availability. Or the shelter is located at 215 S. Main St. Clients can also get information on transitional housing, job training, and health care.




Transportation programs, including Auto Repairs may be offered, mostly for work related reasons if someone were to be fired from missing work. This is rare, and is generally only available for clients participating in Relational Ministry. Only labor is usually offered. A few bus passes or vouchers may be available as well.

Last, but not least, is the Love Inc. Relational Ministry. This addresses long term challenges and hardships. It is for people in the Yamhill County and Newberg area who are unemployed or faced with poverty. Use the service for case management and self-sufficiency reasons. It is based out of the Newberg Friends Church.

The information and Clearinghouse line can be reached at 503.537.3087. Call Love for more information on services available.

By Jon McNamara

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