New York American Water assistance program.

Households that use New York American Water have different options available to them when it comes to paying their bills. The company will offer qualified low income and struggling customers with different types of assistance programs. Hundreds of thousands of households of residents across New York State receive their water from this company, and they are one of the region’s largest providers. While the company will try to minimize disconnections and work with customers, it is imperative that individuals can and request assistance before they miss any payments.

Not only does the company offer Online Self-Service, but people can pay their bill online too. This allows customers to manage their account and ensure they are adhering to any agreed upon payment arrangements. They can also track their historical water usage and the amounts of their last bills. This can provide them the data so they can better understand how to conserve and therefore save money.

Payment Assistance programs are offered in some cases. American Water fully understands that in some instances customers face a hardship or circumstances that stretch their financial resources. Many people paid their bills on time in the past but are facing a short term, unexpected crisis. If and when this occurs, the company will try to assist. Their customer service department will try to work with individuals on a plan to pay the balance on your account over time.

Note if you entering into this type of program with New York American Water, make sure you follow it closely and adhere to it. If payments continue to be missed then the company could in effect go ahead and still disconnect or shut off your account.

Similar to above are American Water Payment Arrangements. If your financial resources are stretched and if you cannot pay your monthly water bill by the due date, call the Customer Service Center as soon as possible. The number is 1-877-426-6999. If you wait to ask for help then the options provided by the company will be even fewer. People who wait too long will not have any solutions available to them and they may be faced with a shut off.





The company and its customer service representatives will work with qualified customers. They will try to come up with a plan that can pay the balance of the overdue water bill over time. In general, the payment arrangements from American Water New York require people to pay all future bills as they become due. They may also need to be at least 20% of the current overdue expense within 48 hours of entering into a plan. Then, the household will need to pay the balance of the water bill, including any applicable late payment charges, over the agreed upon program terms which may be as long as 6 months.

Note that there are a number of conditions in place. Customers need to meet low income levels, they need to request help, and also American Water will create payment plans only with customers who have not broken a similar agreement in the past twelve months or so. So those requesting assistance need to have been solid customers in the past.

The phone number to call is 1-877-426-6999. Speak to a customer service representative from American Water in New York in order to get referrals and to explore payment plans and programs.

By Jon McNamara

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