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New London County social services and public aid.

Very low income families in New London County may qualify for public aid. There are several state of Connecticut programs available, and staff from the agency can also provide information and intake on federal government resources as well. Another focus of the county is on supporting the vulnerable, including the disabled and senior citizens.

The resources will be limited, and the government will adhere to strict application guidelines. When applying for help, whether it is for heating bills, rent, or food, the applicant should be prepared with proof of income and other documentation.

Rent subsidized housing is available in New London County from the Section 8 housing voucher. This will often have a waiting list due to demand. The federal resource is a form of low income housing assistance in which the family will need to pay a portion of their income for their monthly rent and utility bills. Another option is the state of Connecticut Rental Assistance Program (RAP). This public resource also provides subsidies for housing .

In addition to those, there a number of other programs that the Depart of Social Services in New London County may have information on, and they are all designed to prevent eviction and help homeless individuals secure housing. The social services department also offers shelter to domestic violence victims, veterans and other qualified homeless persons.

Individuals facing poverty in Norwich with few assets and a very low, or no income, can receive cash assistance for their basic needs. This is available through the general public assistance program, and it was intended for persons who do not qualify for other federal or state assistance programs, and the money can be used for heating bills and a number of other expenses. This form of aid is very limited, and individuals who are capable of working are not eligible for this benefit, which is sometimes referred to as welfare.

Financial assistance is also available via the TFA - Temporary Family Assistance program. Under this service, very low-income pregnant women and families with children under 18 years of age can obtain monetary aid for up to 21 months. There are requirements in place, and TFA participants must enter a two- or four-year degree program, search for employment, or attend job training under the auspices of the Connecticut Department of Labor.




The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps qualified households in New London County afford the cost of food. Enrollees of this public benefit are given Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, which can be used to obtain groceries at most local retailers and other stores.

SNAP benefits are determined by many factors, including the number of household members, total savings of the applicant, income level and certain deductible expenses. There are other conditions as well, such as this program requires able-bodied, adult clients to actively participate in employment services.

Through the WIC - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children nutritional services are provided to children who are five years of age or younger. There is also aid for pregnant women and postpartum mothers in New London. WIC targets the population of the area that need help in caring for a new child.

Healthy Start is a federal grant program that is administered by New London County DSS. It aims to improve the health of income-eligible pregnant women and children up to three years in age. The primary objective of this resource is to reduce the occurrence of morbidity, low birth weights, and importantly infant mortality. Healthy Start offers many benefits, including financial aid, care coordination, focused health-related case management and other services.

Another medical program for teens and children is the HUSKY Health plan. Low to moderate income qualified individuals who are 19 years of age or younger can obtain free or low-cost insurance from it.

This resource provides health coverage to all uninsured children regardless of family income. HUSKY Health clients receive a comprehensive benefits package that covers emergency and hospital care; physician visits; prescription medications; vision, dental, preventive, and mental health and substance abuse services.

The social services department helps people from the county achieve self-sufficiency. This is a key focus, as the public aid is always time limited. The county will offer training, education and employment services to individuals. These services are available to the unemployed, teenagers, senior citizens, and disabled residents of the county as well.





New London County DSS will always provide information as well. People from the community can access referrals, case management, relocation services and assistance in apply for these and other public benefits. Another key goal is to refer people to housing solutions, as the county works to prevent homelessness.

As mandated by the state of Connecticut, the department of social services coordinates assistance for funerals or burials for very low-income clients. As funding allows, grants can be provided for the indigent, and the money can pay for burial or cremation expenses. Clients do not have to be legal residents or citizens to qualify for this service.

Apply for government help or social services in New London County

New London County Social Services is located in Norwich. The office is open Monday to Friday, and the phone number is 1-855-626-6632. Or stop by the site at 401 West Thames Street, Unit 102, Norwich, CT 06360.

By Jon McNamara


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