NeighborImpact assistance programs.

Dozens of programs from NeighborImpact are available. The non-profit agency and its case managers work with low income families to provide financial assistance, referrals, and case management services. The resources available in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson County are limited, but the agency does its best to meet needs.

The main assistance programs and services are noted below, however the centers may also have referrals. Many of the NeighborImpact resources rely on sparse government funds and grants, but others may be better funded. The non-profit can be contacted for more information.

Housing, rent, food, and energy resources

Utility bill, heating and general energy assistance from NeighborImpact is available. The community action agency provides grants and financial assistance with heating bills through the Heating and Utility Bill Assistance resources.

NeighborImpact offers a number of conservation, heating and energy assistance programs in the service territory. It is for to eligible low-income residents of Central Oregon. Programs are available at different times throughout the year, including the winter or warm summer months.

The LIHEAP, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, helps low-income residents of Central Oregon with paying their utility bills. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds the program cross the state and nation.

NeighborImpact provides temporary financial assistance to prevent utility shut-offs. Funds for this program come from agencies and sources such as Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP – for Pacific Power customers), Cascade Natural Gas Company's Winter Help Program, Oregon HEAT, (which is for Pacific Power customers) and also private donations. Please call (541)504-2155 for further information or to apply.

Save energy and money from the Oregon Home Weatherization Program. The government provides free conservation and efficiency programs to eligible low-income clients. Those who benefit can be either renters or homeowners and live in mobile homes or site built homes. The program operates in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties.




Attending a NeighborImpact Energy Education workshop is obligatory for all weatherization participants, regardless of their age. Also, note the Energy Education workshop in Oregon is open to all community members and it provides advice on energy conservation strategies and the latest techniques. Participants also receive energy-saving items for their home.

Foreclosure Help from NeighborImpact is in the form of assistance to individuals and families who are struggling with mortgage payments and are facing or in default. These clients can apply for the Foreclosure Prevention workshop that is open certain days of the month. The workshop from the HUD agency covers all the options that are available to households who are in need of assistance.

Topics and workshops cover what is a short sale and deed in lieu, Oregon’s foreclosure timeline and regulations, tips on how individuals can work with their loan servicer, the background on the “Making Home Affordable” plan, how to avoid predatory lending and foreclosure rescue scams, and loan modifications.

Enrolled individuals who are attending workshop can learn the typical timeline for the foreclosure process to complete, how to identify and avoid some of the more common scams targeted at struggling home owners, and whether short sale is an alternative to foreclosure for you.

In addition, a one-on-one coaching session with a housing counselor is available once workshop attending is completed. The advice  is available to clients who are at risk of losing their primary residence. Call (541) 323-6567.

Emergency shelter from NeighborImpact and partner charities is for homeless families with children. It is called Nancy’s House and is located in Bend Oregon. The shelter can provide housing facilities or an apartment with a separate bedroom to five families at one time. Residents must participate in a case management and job search plan while staying at the facility.

Not only is weatherization offered, but there are also free Energy Education workshop to low-income clients who want to lower their energy bills. The classes provide education on energy usage in the home and how to reduce power consumption. Enrolled applicants will also receive a free energy saving kit that includes tools such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), and low flow shower heads, and more. The services of this program could save you upwards of $20 a month on your utility bills. The workshops are operational in Central Oregon in Bend, La Pine, Madras, Redmond, and Prineville.





Transitional Housing is affordable and safe apartments. The housing is available to homeless individuals and households. The program is open in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Participants may remain in the program and receive a partial rent subsidy for up to one year. Overall objective of Transitional Housing is to help participants achieve self-sufficiency.

Additionally, the program helps participants with obtaining and maintaining permanent housing, increasing income, and also improving job skills through training and education. Case management is a part of the program. Following established guidelines and making progress towards meeting established goals is essential for program continuation.

Emergency Rent Assistance is a part of the resources that may be available to low-income individuals and families. Information and referral to government benefits are also available, such as section 8. Applications process is easy and interested clients can apply via phone, fax or online and forms are also available at the Prineville Oregon, Madras and Redmond offices. Funds can be received once every 2 years.

NeighborImpact offers various workshops known as Skills for Success: Building Wealth and Stability. They will help individuals build skills for success, gain experience and create a brighter future.

Workshops, with the help of their certified coaches, provide education on improving credit scores, managing budget, reducing debts or building savings account. The purpose of these programs is helping applicants achieve financial strength and stability which will improve quality of their future life. Skills for Success programs include Money Management Skills, Credit and Budgeting, and Matched Savings.

The Oregon Home Rescue Program can provide up to $20,000 in monthly mortgage payment assistance and up to $10,000 to bring your outstanding home loan current. Eligible clients are homeowners from the region who are using a financial assistance of the federal “Hardest Hit” fund. The Home Rescue Program is administered by the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative (OHSI). Through a contract with OHSI, NeighborImpact provides help with application and supports enrolled low-income borrowers of Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties.

Residents looking to buy a home can take advantage of the One-On-One Credit counseling services. Lower income individuals who want to become homeowners can use the free services of this program. Counselors and specialists are available to help applicants living in Central Oregon with the following services, including rebuilding their credit, establishing a realistic monthly budget, creating and implementing a plan to reduce their debt and also support on starting or increasing their individual savings program.

Counselors, including HUD certified staff, also can help clients identify other obstacles to effective homeownership. Setting a realistic and affordable home purchase price range is one main challenge and is an essential part of the resource.

Overcoming hunger in Central Oregon is the main objective of the NeighborImpact’s Regional Food Bank network. The pantry  will refer interested clients to a food pantry, soup kitchen or meal site in their area. There are almost 50 charities and pantries in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties in Oregon.

In partnership with many agencies, chruches and businesses, the free Food Bank helps low-income and working poor individuals improve quality of their life by ensuring food essential for living.

NeighborImpact self-sufficiency and social service programs

Matched Savings Accounts (IDAs) are available. The main objective of the Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) is to help individuals and families to save and generate money for a specific savings goal. The funds generated can be used by people who want to buy a home or want to make repairs to their existing residence. They, and others, can apply for the service. Potential clients can also apply in order increase funds to start a business or pay for college education or job training as well.




NeighborImpact provides help to pre-school children and their parents through the Head Start program. It will prepare children from struggling families for school by helping them develop classroom learning skills. Additionally, the Head Start Program offers health and free dental care, family support and serves them nutritious meals.

The federal Head Start program promotes school readiness. In addition, staff are involved in providing children and families with the skills and resources they need be successful. Once enrolled, each child will attend school four days a week. There is a school bus available to take children living in Crook and Deschutes counties to school and back home as well.

Locations of NeighborImpact community action

Address is 2303 SW First Street, Redmond, OR 97756. Call (541) 410-3409

20310 Empire Ave, #A100, Bend, Oregon 97701, telephone  (541) 323-6567

Center is at 422 NW Beaver Street, Prineville, Oregon 97754, telephone (541) 416-0107

116 SE D Street, Suite A, Madras, OR 97741,  (541) 475-0442

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