Neighborhood House programs.

Both case management and material assistance can be provided by Neighborhood House. The charity organization helps the less fortunate in the town of Saint Paul and across Ramsey County. The staff from the non-profit will do their best to offer emergency support to struggling families that are facing a one time hardship.

School, Christmas, and Thanksgiving programs

There are a few programs that operate at certain times of the year. Most of these use donations from the community and rely on volunteers to pass out the goods.

During the summer and fall months, there is a Free School Supply service. Students from low income families can receive free educational supplies or even clothing. This will be given to individuals at no cost. In some cases, a voucher or gift certificate will be given so the student can buy the items on their own.

The three main holidays are covered by Neighborhood House too. There is assistance at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well. Depending on the generosity of the community, what may be provided is as follows.

Christmas programs include hot meals as well as Adopt-A-Family. This will match families that want to help the less fortunate with a needy family from Ramsey County. This Neighborhood House sponsored service will match people who want to provide gifts or some type of present to a less fortunate family, with an emphasis on children.

Other beneficiaries may be an elderly in a nursing home or maybe someone with a disability that lives on a fixed income. Many of the recipients of the Christmas assistance either have no family locally, or the family can't help them out due to a limited income.

The program may give them whatever has been requested. Maybe a child needs a toy or gift, or a family needs a meal. Seniors may just need some companionship. Neighborhood House will work to arrange this and more. Some Christmas meals may even be delivered to a senior or disabled persons home.




An Easter Basket Service can take place as well. There is special assistance for children from low income families. They may be given a basket with small toys or candy. This is done to help make the celebration of the Easter holiday more enjoyable.

During November, there will be a free Thanksgiving Meal given out. Neighborhood House will work to serve this to the less fortunate in the region. Volunteers serve it, and companies, such as Kroger or local churches, prepare or donate the food for the meal.

Neighborhood House emergency programs

Resources ranging from food to funds for paying bills or housing costs are all available. The goal is to support people from the community that are under exceptional financial pressure due to a crisis situation. If a resident needs long term support, then Neighborhood House can refer the individuals to state of Minnesota benefits such as food stamps or section 8 vouchers for rental costs.

  • A food pantry acquires goods from donations. The food is then passed out, for free, to families facing an emergency. Perishable items may be used in some cases.
  • Financial aid is a form of immediate help for a crisis. All money is first come and served, and loans may be used in some cases. There may be funds for rent to stop an eviction, prescription medications, and energy bill help.
  • Telephone assistance is available from Neighborhood House. This will mostly be a referral to Lifeline (the federal funded discount service), which is focused on lower income seniors and the elderly in the community.
  • Transportation can be arranged for self-sufficiency reasons. For example, if someone needs a car repaired or maybe a ride to a job interview in Saint Paul so they can keep their income, then the agency will try to make this happen.
  • Medical needs, mostly in the form of referrals to local clinics and medical providers will be arranged.





When it comes to the emergency assistance above, all of it is paid out on a first come and first serve basis. Money is only paid out after the applicant meets with the case manager. They will need to review the income of the applicant, take a look at their assets such as savings levels, and more. Staff will be assessing the individual’s long and short-term needs and also closely identify resources to meet those needs. Applications to Neighborhood House will need to be completed to be considered for any assistance.

Guidance on budgeting and matters such as taxes will be arranged too. One service, known as VITA or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance will offer free tax help to low- to moderate-income families. This will be for individuals who cannot prepare their own income tax returns. Maybe they are too complicated for the person, or they need to ensure they receive all the credits they are due. In either case, VITA may be the solution.

Referrals from staff from Neighborhood House will often help the less fortunate as well. The staff will give information about social service resources in the community that can be used to link residents with local charities or other service providers. So whether it is housing, employment, or medical care, this will be arranged. Call Neighborhood House at (651) 789-2531.



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