Nashville Rescue Mission.

Residents from the Davidson County and Nashville community that are homeless or working poor may be able to receive emergency housing from the Rescue Mission. The non-profit runs shelters, offers basic needs such as food and clothing, and can refer families to transitional housing type programs. Resources are available for men, women, and children from the community.

Life Recovery is available for women that are homeless, victims of domestic violence, or chemically dependent. Shelter, housing, and comfort is available at the Rescue Mission for both  them and their children. Not only will short term housing be provided, but women can also participate in education programs, GED, counseling, and group sessions if need be. The goal is to get the women back on track. After taking part in this program, the client can be provided information, and maybe help paying the rent or security deposits, on permanent housing in the Davidson County Tennessee area.

Education is a key service offered. Women will be provided the opportunity to pursue and gain professional and academic skills for the workplace. Some of the workshops coordinated by the Rescue Mission are job preparedness, interviewing skills, and resume writing. The women also learn about developing a family budget and financial planning. The assistance provided by Life Recovery is invaluable to those that are struggling. Through the advancement of life skills and education, women will improve their education and personal wellness.

For those that are suffering through domestic abuse or addiction, you will be able to gain the stability, skills, and self-esteem that is necessary to become a self-sufficient and productive member of society. Women will need to commit to the program and agree to counseling, education, and life skills training, among other services. After the program is done, the Rescue Mission client will be able to both seek and secure full-time employment in the Davidson County community.

Another benefit is that after completion of the Life Recovery program, clients will be able to enter into short term, transitional housing programs. There will more than likely be a nominal charge each month for the rent. At that time case managers will also work with clients and help them locate and move into a new permanent home or apartment in the state of Tennessee and local area. More details on Life Recovery can be reached at (615) 255-2475.




Men can also get assistance from the Rescue Mission. It is available for those from the Nashville area that are age 18 or older. The programs combine education, job training, counseling, GED, and some faith based services. After graduating from these various programs, the male will have the chance to move into the transitional housing units in Davidson County so they have time to get back on their feet.

As part of the Rescue Mission’s education program for men, they will be taught about arithmetic and literacy. The non-profit will also arrange for GED exams and testing. All of the participants will be given an opportunity to pursue professional and academic skills that are needed for the workplace. This will include job preparedness, interviewing skills and resume writing. Also sign up for classes in computer software, work orientation, finances, cooking, food handling and even jobs such as commercial driving.

There are multiple phases to the program. They were created to provide long-term care and guidance. The end goal is also to move men into transitional and some type of temporary housing. The Nashville Rescue Mission can help men that have been impacted by financial problems, alienation, homelessness, addictive behavior, educational inadequacies, hopelessness or depression. Limited space is available for the region, and more information on the men’s programs can be reached by calling (615) 255-2475.




Emergency services are available from the Nashville Rescue Mission. They can provide free food, shelter, clothing, Hot Showers and Personal Hygiene items, counseling, and other support. There are separate facilities and programs for women and children as well as men. Each location in the area is applicable to the emergency services described below.

  • Hot meals are served a few times per day and include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Shelter facilities are open 365 days per year. The demand for the housing is high and the number of beds and space is limited.
  • Clothing facilities are open. They may pass out gently used items to the poor and low income.
  • The homeless can also get a personal hygiene kit or use a shower facility on site. Diapers may be passed out to women with infants.

For any client, counseling is a key service offered. They will provide assistance and referrals for short term housing, employment, government aid, life-recovery and other services. The Rescue Mission social workers will assess each individual’s unique circumstances and provide them with direction and guidance. The main address is 639 Lafayette St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203. Call (615) 255-2475.




By Jon McNamara

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