Nashville and Davidson County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Low income and struggling Nashville residents can get help from Catholic Charities. A focus of the organization is on residents of north and eastern Nashville, however residents across the city and the greater Davidson County Tennessee region may be able to receive assistance.

The North Nashville Catholic Charity Outreach Program has operated for a number years, and it provides short term emergency financial and material assistance for low income and struggling residents of North Nashville.

Basic needs can be addressed by the services available. A focus is on addressing and satisfying the basic living needs and expenses of shelter, food, rent, clothing, and utilities, with a focus on residents of North Nashville. Not only can short term help be offered, but the non-profit agency will also help people see beyond their immediate needs. Case managers will meet with people and try to work with them to determine how they can create a better future for their families and themselves.

The primary assistance programs offered by Catholic Charities provide free food, meals and clothing. Some limited amounts of temporary emergency financial assistance may be offered for expenses such as rent or energy bills. In addition, the people served by the Outreach Programs also benefit from free case management services and advice. Individuals can also get referrals to other community service providers and non-profits in Davidson County.

Golden Agers focuses on seniors. Many elderly and senior citizens are trying to make it by on a fixed income or pension. The Golden Agers Program was created to offer activities, support, and information for seniors living in North Nashville. Locate a number of other Tennessee senior assistance programs for low income elderly residents.

Loaves and Fishes can offer free meals, groceries and food and what is formally called Community Meals for the Hungry. The number of families in Nashville that cannot pay the bills and that can’t make ends meet each month is increasing. The number of unemployed and homeless individuals who stay and travel through Nashville is also increasing. Loaves and Fishes is a community-wide effort that is run in partnership with Catholic Charities and 23 other charities and volunteer groups. The agency is committed to serving the growing needs of the hungry and working poor in Nashville Tennessee.





A few days per week, including every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the Loaves and Fishes food assistance program provides a hot midday meal to the homeless and hungry in East Nashville and other areas. There are no restrictions on race, religion, or proof of need. Hundreds of meals are served per week. People who stop by are also provided referrals to appropriate services for clothing, housing, additional food, and other resources within the community. The Loaves and Fishes program operates in the Parish Center of Holy Name Catholic Church which is at 508 Main Street. Call (615) 256-7256.

Christmas Giving Program can ensure gifts and toys and holiday cheer is received by all. It can provide gifts to families with children that are financially unable to provide holiday presents for their children. In addition, many low-income elderly people in Nashville benefit from the Catholic Charity program, which is also called the Christmas Angel Tree Program.

Seniors and families with children are identified through the volunteers, case workers and other staff at local social service agencies as well as Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. Many people who receive holiday support have worked with case managers throughout the past year. Upon referral from staff members from Catholic Charities, the names of seniors and children with their Christmas wishes are placed on a Giving Tree for adoption by individuals, parishes, churches, community organizations, and local businesses. Families in severe need of help may also receive free food baskets, personal care and household items. Dial (615) 352-3087.

Immigration Services are offered for newcomers to this country, including refugees. The Catholic Charity service provides counseling, assistance in completing immigration forms and photographs, and legal support to individuals seeking assistance in most immigration matters. There are just times that a person or family needs help in order to work toward permanent residence or citizenship. Immigration services in Nashville provide an affordable alternative to needing to pay for expensive attorney fees. All coordinators are accredited by the Catholic Charity Board of Immigration Appeals and offer qualified to help with any immigration need. Refugee Resettlement is also a humanitarian service offered by the agency. Find other sources of financial help for immigrants.




Hispanic programs are also provided, and these offer a variety of services and assistance programs. Help is made available to the Hispanic community in Davidson County and across Middle Tennessee by Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. Some examples of Hispanic services include providing help with basic needs, including healthcare, case management, interpreter services and financial assistance which is provided by the Family Services program. Child development and health care is available for low income families through the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker (MIHOW) Program.


By Jon McNamara

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