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The non-profit Multi-County Community Service Agency provides assistance in several counties in Mississippi. The focus of the organization is on basic needs such as energy bills, food, and shelter. The agency also has information on educational and job training programs.

Residents of several counties can turn to the agency for help, including Clarke, Neshoba, Jasper, Kemper, Wayne, Lauderdale, Newton, Scott, and Smith. If the non-profit can’t meet your specific needs, the referrals to other local charities or churches may be available.

MCCSA and the federal government provide grants as part of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, or EF&S. This provides free food, rent help and/or shelter assistance to low-income families during a crisis situation. The homeless may receive help in paying for a security deposit. EF and S is one of the main supplemental shelter and food assistance program that works together with other assistance programs and agencies in counties such as Lauderdale and Kemper. It was created to maximize and target limited financial resources, and it may offer loans in some cases.

The Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program - LIWXP puts in place measures to maximize the energy efficiency and safety of homes for low-income people - primarily the, disabled, elderly and families with children. With these measures, the program lowers the heating bills and cooling costs while improving the health and safety of the home. Only applicants who meet OMB guidelines qualify for assistance from the LIWXP program. The Weatherization crew, who is approved from the Multi-County Community Service Agency, installs the most cost effective energy efficient measures after a thorough inspection and assessment of the premises and the energy audit.

The federally funded Weatherization Assistance Program was created to reduce energy costs for eligible working poor clients by making their homes more energy efficient. The priority measures that are applied to each home are based on an energy audit of the client's home. Weatherization crews install the most cost-effective, energy efficient measures, and address health and safety concerns, and improve comfort and air quality.

As noted, it primarily focuses on offering assistance to the senior citizens, disabled and low-income families with young children in nine county service area, including, Scott, Clarke, Lauderdale, Newton, Kemper, Jasper, Wayne, Neshoba and Smith.




The STEPS program aims to enable families to attain stable home ownership by offering emergency rental assistance, housing, debt and credit counseling, and case management among other services.

Strategies to Ensure Permanent Stability is run by case managers from the non-profit. To be eligible for assistance and guidance under this program, applicants must have retained employment at least six months prior to program application, be currently homeless, have children or infants under 18 years of age, have the long term goal of home ownership, and be willing to enter ongoing case management with a social worker.

Food assistance from the Meals on Wheels program provides daily nutritionally, healthy well-balanced meals to the elderly and/or disabled. It is mainly offered for homebound individuals in an effort to assist them in leading, meaningful, independent and dignified lives in their own community and homes.

The free Meals on Wheels program relies heavily on its volunteers and local groups such as the Salvation Army. They deliver daily hot meals to disabled, elderly and handicapped homebound individuals in the counties. Individuals who are 60 years of age or older and/or disabled, are homebound and have Be low income and really have great economic or social needs qualify for assistance with the MOW program.

Financial assistance and other services provided by MCCSA include

  • Advice, Case Management, Referrals, Income Management
  • Emergency Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP), for electric bills Low-Income Heating & Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Disaster Relief, Emergency Food, Shelter & Clothing
  • Education, Employment, Rent/Mortgage, Energy and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
  • Stevenson Landmark Apartment
  • Home Buyers Education Program
  • Transitional Housing and South Harbor Shelter




A number of other financial aid programs and resources are administered. The main Multi-County Community Service Agency, Inc. locations are as follows.

Kemper County, Bell Street, DeKalb, MS, phone No: (601) 743-5752
Newton County, 401 Third Street, Newton, MS, call (601) 683-2733
Clarke County, 106 Church Street, Quitman, MS, telephone (601) 776-3461
Jasper County address: is 410 Cedar Street, Heidelberg, Mississippi, (601) 787-4844
Neshoba County, 268 Atkins Street, Phildelphia, MS, (601) 656-7261
Scott County office is at 111 W. Third Street, Forest, MS, (601) 469-3061
Smith County families can stop by  121 Courthouse Square, Raleigh, MS, Primary phone number - (601) 782-9578
Wayne County, 1100 Bradley Drive, Waynesboro, Mississippi, (601) 735-3470


By Jon McNamara

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