Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries assistance programs.

Churches from across Wyandotte County take part in the Mt. Carmel Community Outreach organization. They combine resources in an effort to help struggling families with the hardships they may be facing. They feed the poor and try to help the homeless, among others. They also operate a Strengths-Based Case Management service and advocate for women and single mothers.

In an effort to feed families and children, Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries has established several food programs. This was done in an effort to expand the ministry. The services include running a joint food kitchen with churches that would feed area low-income Wyandotte County residents. They also partner with Feeding America and non-profits such as Harvesters.

As a result of a realization that not having enough food is not usually the only problem in itself, Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Services offers support in the form of a multifaceted program. The charity has the goal of going beyond acts of charity to help clients with increasing their self-reliance as well as foster social change. The goal is to provide a holistic range of social as well as emergency services to search out and resolve the root causes of the problems confronting our clients.

Harvesters Food Network is a key partner. They work together to efficiently distribute nutritious, perishable groceries or serve hot meals to those in need. Therefore Mt. Carmel Redevelopment Corporation (MCRC) partners with the staff from Harvesters Food Network in operating the Mobile Food Pantry Program, which as previously called Mass Distribution. The program works toward the goal of distributing optimal quantities of free, healthy food to large groups of people in the timeliest manner possible.

Mt. Carmel Community Outreach also offers other financial support. MCRC provides low-income residents as those living in poverty assistance with emergency food, heating bills and utilities through programs such as United Way, Warm and Light and Emergency Shelter Utility Funds, as well as through the use of discretionary funds.

When it comes to financial help, MCRC also offers assistance with the following. There is help for applying for Mental health benefits, Permanent Housing, Substance Abuse Treatment and Counseling, Medical and Psychological Services, Employment Counseling, Nutritional Education, grants from Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Veterans Benefits, SSI - Supplemental Security Income Benefits, General Assistance, and food from SNAP Food Stamps.




The MCRC Crisis Intervention and Homeless Prevention Programs provide short-term subsidies or maybe non-interest rate loans. The money is used to settle rental and/or utility arrearages for families who are facing a short term housing crisis.

The applicant needs to have received eviction and utility shut-off notices. Other money can be used to pay for first month’s rent payment or security deposit to help homeless families move into stable housing; legal representation of indigent tenants during eviction proceedings; mediation programs for landlord-tenant disputes; financial assistance for mortgages to prevent home foreclosure; and other innovative grant based programming.

Additional housing support is from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, or HPRP. Funds are used to provide temporary financial assistance with making the transition into permanent, stable housing for families and individuals who are homeless or who would be evicted without this type of assistance.

The resources from Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries target and prioritize resources to ensure that they serve Wyandotte County residents who are most in need of temporary assistance. But facing homelessness is not enough. Applicants also need to be the most likely to achieve and maintain stable housing when HPRP assistance concludes. To be eligible for a cash grant from HPRP, household income level must be at or below 50 percent of Wyandotte County's Area Median Income.

The Survival Skills for Women workshop program offers a series of sessions for females. The workshops address issues and life skills that affect women, including child management, access child care, personal health, nutrition, money management, self-advocacy, coping with stress, how to obtain legal rights, community resources, and re-entry/employment. All women participants in the financial aid program or Case Management service are required to attend Life Skills classes.

Get help in understanding and applying for public aid from the Advocacy Program. Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries assists those who may have difficulty with completing forms for Food Stamps, SSI disability, Unemployment, or other types of assistance.





Staff members from the church are trained and knowledgeable about legislation affecting those who are jobless, poor, hungry, and/or homeless. MCRC also refers the elderly in Wyandotte County and the very young who are neglected or abused to the appropriate programs and agencies. Social workers from the church based charity are often called to testify on behalf of current or former clients.

MCRC works closely with area clinics and healthcare services to provide needed medical screenings and health-related education. They partner with St. Luke Hospital’s Mobile Mammography Unit in hosting the annual free mammogram event and partner with doctors too.

Last, but not least, social workers in the Strengths-Based Case Management Program guide and support to clients as they work to resolve complex problems. All of this is offered with the goal of meeting basic human needs, improving family well-being, preventing homelessness, and optimal level of self-sufficiency. The case manager from Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries works closely with each client as they make the transition into a more stable lifestyle.

Whether it is food or emergency help, Mt. Carmel Community Outreach Ministries is located at 1220 Troup Ave., Kansas City, KS 66104. The phone number is 913-621-4111.




By Jon McNamara

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