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With may aid organization and counseling agencies overwhelmed with requests for mortgage and foreclosure help, the Rhode Island Housing HelpCenter has stepped up. They have had over 5,000 people ask for assistance. Everyone has a different story. Some people were victims of scams that companies had offered them to save their homes, others fell victim to predatory lending. For most people, they are just a victim of the weak economy and poor job market, and they have lost their jobs or had a reduction in income.

To try to meet the need of these individuals and families, Rhode Island Housing has continued to work closely with its partners and other local agencies to bring free foreclosure workshops to communities throughout the state as part of the HelpCenter’s services. In addition, Rhode Island Housing’s trusted and trained housing and mortgage counselors are on hand to provide free advice, resources, education, and referrals. All services are free of charge and they will help assist homeowners in understanding the many options now available to those in need of housing help. For example, many banks and lenders, such as Citi and Wachovia, offer assistance programs. Click here to learn more on Citibank. Also, learn more on other mortgage help programs from the HelpCenter.

Services offered by the Rhode Island Housing HelpCenter

One of the keys is communication and early action. By people communicating at the first sign of trouble, the help center can offer them more options to stop the foreclosure filing. They have been successful. To date, the efforts of the group have not only kept many homeowners seeking assistance in their homes, they have also prevented countless others from falling prey to those who are offering false promises and steep fees for foreclosure assistance and counseling. The efforts of the organization continue to help homeowners in trouble arm themselves with both the information and the tools they need to protect themselves against fraud, prevent a foreclosure, avoid housing trouble, or find a safe solution to their situation that best meets their needs.





The HelpCenter, which can be reached at 401-457-1130, provides a honest, safe place for tips, advice, counseling and education when it comes to protecting both homeowners and tenants who may reside in the property from foreclosure. They can also help people cope with the loss of a home. In addition to implementing educational and awareness campaigns to caution Rhode Islanders to seek out help early when they are struggling, Rhode Island Housing also implemented a communications campaign to alert homeowners of the risks associated with fraudulent mortgage loan modifications and foreclosure rescue scams that are sadly becoming more common.





By Jon McNamara

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