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Montgomery County Ohio Salvation Army.

A leading non-profit in Montgomery County Ohio is the Salvation Army. The organization oversees a wide range of social services and emergency assistance for the less fortunate, children, and seniors. Examples of what may be provided include rent or utility bill help for basic needs and case management to help individuals regain self-sufficiency. Or get free school supplies, low cost alcohol or drug rehab, Christmas toys, clothes, and groceries from a free food pantry.

If the Salvation Army can't meet your needs, then they may have referrals to other Dayton area Ohio non-profit organization or charities. The Salvation Army is an effective resource for the low income to use in order to receive help in a crisis and learn about other options. The case managers and volunteers will work to satisfy as many requests as possible, even though resources are limited.

Assistance for bills or food from Montgomery County Salvation Army

Throughout the year, and especially during the cold winter months, the Salvation Army tries to help families pay their utility and heating bills. Any aid will be provided as a last resort for those families that have a disconnection notice. In some cases the Salvation Army financial assistance is coordinated with local churches and charities.

Food pantries, holiday meals, and snacks for students are additional examples of basic needs that can be met. The non-profit works to ensure that no family goes with nutrition, and of particular focus is on feeding children and students. They also focus on helping low income families shop, and even save money using unit pricing in the grocery store.

The Salvation Army has pantries and they also have information on other Dayton Ohio food banks and soup kitchens. Some seniors and the disabled who are homebound may also receive low cost, home delivered meals. Many of these programs rely on donations from the community as well as time from volunteers, so contribute or participate if you can.




Direct assistance in an emergency is provided from highly trained social workers or family service workers. These are offered at community locations in Montgomery County Ohio and really across the state. The Salvation Army staff provide service, guidance, and assistance to needy individuals and families. This may include clothing, limited prescription assistance, and short term utility bill assistance for crisis intervention. In addition, referrals will link qualified low income clients to other assistance programs within the Ohio Salvation Army operation or other community resources.

Some of this direct aid can include funding provided through utility grants from local utility companies, emergency intervention and referral drug & alcohol addiction, for PRC/Welfare. Other needs that can be addressed are shelter, domestic violence issues or vouchers for emergency assistance with special dietary needs, clothing, medications, and small household items.

Anytime that people request financial assistance, whether rent help, utility assistance, vouchers for medication, or gasoline, case managers work with clients to address the underlying cause for their struggles. There will often be an intake and assessment done.

This can include budgeting reviews and information on employment assistance or job training. They are also a good place to learn about Ohio government benefits such as HEAP or SNAP food stamps. The Salvation Army takes a holistic approach to the individual and their struggles. The main centers are:





  • 1000 N Keowee St, Dayton, OH, telephone (937) 528-5100
  • 915 S Patterson Blvd, Dayton, Ohio (937) 461-2769
  • Another center is at 8065 Southwind Dr, Dayton, OH. Telephone (937) 433-8044

Eviction and homeless prevention is a focus in Dayton. All too many families are one paycheck from a disaster. They may struggle due to a reduction in work hours, unexpected unemployment, or a bill such as a car repair. This then causes people to maybe miss a rent payment, and even may lead to future homelessness. This can even impact seniors or single moms or parents.

If you have an eviction notice, then the Salvation Army in Montgomery Ohio may be able to help. They can step in as a last resort and may have emergency rental assistance for low income and working poor families. Those at the risk homelessness are a focus, and social workers from the Salvation Army can often help people work through their short term challenges.

Social service programs

During times of disaster, assistance may be available. This can be available during fires, floods, storms, or other issues. Volunteers, staff, and case managers work with first responders and others, such as Red Cross personnel. They will try to provide water, food, free shelter, housing, and vouchers for items such as clothing.

Holiday assistance includes Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and/or food baskets. Children from the community may receive other support as well, such as clothes or free Christmas toys and gifts from programs such as Angel Tree.

The Salvation Army also has other resources in the Dayton region and county. There is a (1) low cost thrift store for buying items for a home or apartment, with occasional free vouchers; (2) free school supplies or hygiene items are given to students including clothes, backpacks, chromebooks; (3) Salvation Army also tries to help people battle substance abuse, whether rugs or alcohol; (4) Senior housing, ministry services and much more is also given in Montgomery County Ohio.





Apply for social services or financial help from Salvation Army locations in Dayton area

If the Salvation Army can't meet your needs, often due to the high demand, then referrals are often available. Case managers not only provide guidance and support to those who need it, but they often have information on numerous other government benefits and non-profits that operate in Dayton Ohio or across Montgomery County. The main number are above, or try (937) 461-2769 or (937) 528-5100.

By Jon McNamara

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