Help with water and sewer bills in Montgomery County Maryland.

Families struggling to pay their water or sewer bills, or to pay connection costs, can get financial help in Montgomery County Maryland. There are a few forms of financial assistance. They include the Water Fund, which is run by the Salvation Army. The Montgomery County Department of Human Services also administers grants from the Customer Assistance Program, and of course regional charities may also provide support on a one-off basis.

The funding available for water needs is generally not as widely available as other forms of emergency assistance. Most organizations focus their limited resources on food, housing, or similar needs. So, while these assistance programs may in fact help pay sewer, waste, or water bills to the truly needy, the dollar amounts are often limited as is the possibility of receiving support.

Options for water and sewer bill help

The main provider in the region is WSSC. The company has partners in place to assist anyone who is struggling to pay their bills or to set up an account/pay connection fees. Everyone from single parents to the elderly, unemployed, or working poor may be qualified. The three main financial aid programs are as follows.
The Salvation Army sponsored Water Fund is a donation service. Customers across Montgomery County, both residential as well as commercial, can contribute some funds to this program each month by Rounding Up their monthly bill. All of the money collected goes to pay sewer as well as water bills in an effort to stop a disconnection.

To apply for a cash grant, residents need to contact the Salvation Army. The primary address is 20021 Aircraft Drive, Germantown, MD 20874. The phone number for the organization is (301) 515-5354. Only tens of dollars (with a maximum of $300) will be paid out by the Water Fund. Applicants need proof of income, identification/residency, as well as hardship.





WSCC works directly with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services on the CAP - Customer Assistance Program. Anyone who is approved, and currently receives a grant as part of the Office of Home Energy Program (LIHEAP) should automatically be qualified. Generally, the guidelines are around poverty levels. This is not the same as public assistance, but it can be combined with it. Find other public assistance programs in Montgomery County.

By combining the two-utility bill assistance type programs customers can get help with their water costs, heating bills, and other needs. It can also pay for waste as well as sewer expenses. In addition, the grants from CAP can be used to pay for Account Maintenance Fee (AMF), which is the connection costs.

The main address of DHS is 1301 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850. This too is partly funded by the WSCC round up service. For more information, or details on applications, dial (240) 777-4450.

In addition to those two sewer and water bill assistance programs (which are the main ones in Montgomery County) there are of course local charities as well as non-profits in the region. Examples of these may be the community action agency (dial (240) 777-1697) or low-income residents can try churches or local charities, including Catholic Charities. As indicated offering financial support for water costs is not usually the top priority, but some struggling customers may get assistance on occasion. Priority is often given to the vulnerable, including senior citizens or the disabled, who would be most impacted if they lost their water.



By Jon McNamara

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