Assistance from Montgomery County Pennsylvania Community Action Development Commission.

Some examples of the services from the Montgomery County Community Action Development Commission include basic needs such as food to financial support for rent or paying energy bills. The non-profit helps a number of people in the community, including the unemployed, low income, and seniors. Those in Pennsylvania can get help with meeting their basic needs and get long term support.

Energy bill, water, and weatherization from (CADCOM)

Save money by having a more energy efficient home from weatherization. This is a program which helps people with limited incomes cut down their heating and fuel bills. It is targeted at those that spend a large percentage of their income for their utility costs. They can save hundreds of dollars per year. Staff will perform an On Site Energy Audit. A CADCOM approved and trained Energy Auditor will conduct a free energy analysis and accordingly determine what work needs to be done on your home.

After that detailed evaluation takes place, the weatherization work will then be given to an approved and screened contractor. The trained contractor and their team will make repairs that may include: windows, caulking, window repairs, extra attic insulation, energy efficient light bulbs pipe wrap, weather-stripping doors, adding door sweeps, and tuning up gas, furnaces or oil heaters if needed.

The LIHEAP program, or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is run by Montgomery County Community Action Development Commission as well as the Pennsylvania department of public welfare. It provides assistance to all low-income homeowners who are having a heating bill emergency and need to apply for a crisis grant.





Grants to pay energy bills, both year round and in particular during the winter months, are available from LIHEAP - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. CADCOM helps low income families, seniors, the disabled, and Montgomery County families living in poverty pay their utility bills. It is funded by the federal government, and read more on LIHEAP in Pennsylvania.

The PECO Energy Matching Energy Assistance fund provides assistance to all eligible applicants in Montgomery County. It is for those who are about to lose their PECO service, or whose utility service has already been terminated.

The PA American Water program Dollar Energy and the Aqua Water program Helping Hands are also part of the Energy Conservation programs, which are designed to assist qualified applicants who are having trouble paying their monthly water bills.

Another option in Montgomery County is the PECO Energy Matching Energy Assistance Fund. Through this program, financial assistance or grants are offered to households where services have to have been terminated or are in threat of a shut off. Low income levels need to be met by applicants. In general, their income cannot exceed 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. There will be other conditions in place too, by the community action action and energy provider such as the applicant’s name needs to appear on the bill or shut-off notice. Any assistance paid out is limited to once every 2 years.





Water bill help is offered from Dollar Energy - PA American Water. In order to qualify, the customer needs to have shown a practice or past payments.

Also, in order to avail of assistance through this particular program, the name on account must be that of an adult currently living in the home. Other conditions include low income limits are in place, the household income must not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and the balance on account is not less than $100.00. Seniors age 62 or older and disabled who apply for water bill assistance may have a zero balance but not exceeding credit.

Helping Hands is another option, and this is from Aqua PA Water. Credits are for only the individual whose name is on the account. They can apply for assistance through this program provided that their household income does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline and if they met other conditions. Also, in Montgomery County a Good faith payment is required from the customer on their account. At that time all recurring monthly payments will be established by the water company.

Community Action Development Commission food programs

Low cost food from SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is available in Pennsylvania. Vouchers are issued and can be used at most grocery stores. The federally government created Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP is an improved version of what was offered in the past.

This program aims to fight hunger in the United States, in the state and in the county. The program is easy to apply to. Those who are eligible can enroll over the phone or by getting in touch with CADCOM staff who travel across the region promoting the program. It is run using government funds and the PA Department of Public Welfare is a key partner. CADCOM staff can provide information and help people apply.

Emergency Food Program is from the community action Resource Center. The agency works with charities and social service groups to help feed the hungry in Montgomery County through a network of over 20 food cupboards, numerous pantries, several free soup kitchens and 3 shelters. CADCOM directs the distribution of government food to each site and ensures that each site meets state and federal government regulations. The agency also will help with organizing food donations and local drives. The staff from the agency will refer you to a local site.




SHARE, or Self-Help And Resource Exchange, rewards volunteerism in the county with low-cost groceries, government commodities and regular food. People who have helped in their neighborhoods, community and family can exchange their service for discount prices on their groceries.

Through this program, eligible participants pay just $20 for up to $40-$50 dollars worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats and staples. So they get their food at a significant discount, There are several different packages offered to qualified families in order to meet different requirements. In addition to all-meat, all-produce, local fresh food and mixed packages, participants can also buy specified foods in bulk at wholesale prices. Some seasonal items are offered too, including Farm Fresh during the summer months.

Advice and workshops on becoming Financially Self-Sufficient as well as credit repair is available through the free Self Sufficiency Case Management program. A family-needs assessment is first done by meeting with the family to determine the needs and barriers to becoming stable. Families receive help by way of clothing, food, job training and low income housing or rent help. Case managers from CADCOM conducts monthly home visits for participants. Clients also receive advice on how to deal with the money issues involved.

Financial training, credit counseling, and money services from CADCOM

The Individual Development Account (IDA) program is designed to help qualified individuals save money. The funds saved, which will also be matched, can be used for their own continuing education or first-time homeownership. Qualified individual may save up to $1,000 and receive a matching grant for the continuing education or job training needs of a child or spouse. The United Way and other non-profits are partners on the IDA.

Many low to moderate income families struggle to save money for their future or a crisis. The Montgomery County PA Community Action Development Agency helps clients build emergency savings. They show them how to budget, live within means, and find savings accounts or checking accounts that fit their need. The low income emergency savings programs are effective for a crisis.

The innovative Be Your Own Boss program, also known as BYOB from Community Action Development Commission, provides business training for those who are interested in starting their own business. The training from the agency covers several career or start up related topics, including but not limited to IRS tax requirements, licensing/zoning information, and insurance requirements.

The Community Action Development Commission also helps entrepreneurs and others. The organization partners with local employers, the county business develop groups, business leaders and others. As an example of a resource out there, read about SCORE services for starting a business.

Free Tax Preparation Services from CADCOM's VITA program is available. The Montgomery County Community Action Development Commission offers free assistance with Federal and State of Pennsylvania. The tax preparation service is comprehensive with secure electronic filing and direct deposit in approximately 10 days. This, and much more, is at the Norristown and Willow Grove sites. All of the community action tax preparers are IRS trained and certified.





Apply for financial help from community action in Montgomery County

This is a leading anti-poverty non-profit. Financial help for bills for job seekers, counseling for the unemployed, income tax advice, and countless other assistance programs may be offered. Many other services may be provided by CADCOM. The main centers are noted below.

Norristown office is at 1931 New Hope Street, Norristown, PA 19401-3191, Phone No: 610-270-3500

Another center is at 113 East Main Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401, Telephone No: (610) 277-6363

Pottstown region is covered by an office at 24 Robinson Street, Pottstown, PA 19464-5584, Telephone 610-327-4280


By Jon McNamara

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