Montgomery County Ministries Hospitality Center programs.

Food, housing, free breakfast meals, and basic need programs from the non-profit known as Montgomery County Ministries Hospitality Center can help struggling families across Pennsylvania. There are resources targeted at seniors as well as the unemployed, and really anyone that is struggling can contact the charity for help. While resources are limited, and an application process is in place, if the center can't help then they may offer referrals to other options.

Senior assistance, including nutritional needs, can be met. Volunteers that partner with the agency may provide low cost, home delivered meals to the homebound in the community. While most of that is for senior citizens, there may also be some support for people with a disability.

If someone is still active enough to get out of their home, then hot meals are served at senior centers or churches, and these are known as congregate meal sites. Transportation may sometimes be arranged for those congregate participants who need it, provided on the number of volunteers.

Meals on Wheels ensure that homebound people from the region receive at least one hot nutritious meal per day. There is also assistance too, and participants will be able to receive the benefit of someone checking in on them daily. On the other hand, the low cost congregate program promotes staying healthy and active by giving senior citizens and their spouses a reason to get out of the house and take part in the great food and even companionship with others, both of their own age or different backgrounds.

The program from Montgomery County Ministries Hospitality Center strives to break the cycle of poor nutrition that could lead to bad health among the elderly. It also targets low income or people living on fixed incomes that often need to turn to pantries There is also meals for the disabled or seniors living in poverty, however income is not a factor in determining eligibility. Whether someone qualified or not, eligibility is determined by how great an applicant’s need and how much help, if any, they currently receive from friends or family.

Another option, for both seniors and others from the community, are food pantries. These will have groceries and maybe non-perishable food items for the less fortunate. Many also provide other basic needs, such as clothing. The centers are staffed mostly by volunteers that offer a listening ear and support to those that are struggling.




Ministries Hospitality Center offers free breakfasts on a daily basis. Many people stop by, whether the unemployed or people that are just struggling to feed their families. No questions are asked, and whether a resident has a minimum wage job or is maybe a day laborer, a meal will be served to them by the charity.

Educational Center in Montgomery County has a goal to improve employment prospects and address underlying financial challenges. The non-profit will assist those without a high school diploma to earn a GED and to enable those with an education to enroll in college or some other type of technical programs.

Staff from the Ministries Hospitality Center or its partners provide help in the form of GED pre-testing, tutoring, career assessment, referrals for basic computer skills and other pertinent educational topics. These will also be guidance in searching for a job and completing resumes or applications for them. So a number of services are available for students from the region.

Montgomery County Ministries Hospitality Center housing programs were designed to assist tenants and households that are currently homeless or in imminent danger of becoming evicted or even foreclosed on. Case managers will refer clients to local shelters or other agencies with the goal of ensuring this does not happen, and breaking a cycle of homelessness and poverty. There will be help in establishment of long-term stability through limited financial assistance or cash grants, and there is also help in the form of intense case management services.

Any type of housing assistance, whether monetary or even case management, is limited to applicants that meet a specific income criteria and that have money coming in the door. They also need to be willing to participate in a case management plan towards long term stability. Applicants may be required to participate in credit repair, job search activities or other individualized activities.

In some cases, if all conditions are met, there may be rent and/or utility bill assistance paid out. This can be in the form of cash grants, and Montgomery County Ministries Hospitality Center operates programs that may provide direct financial support for the homeless or for households experiencing barriers. If determined eligible for any type of financial aid, then residents may receive funds for back rent or maybe an energy bill.





Many people may be enrolled into Financial Literacy Workshops. These are provided to residents with varying backgrounds, and it can teach people how to budget, save money properly, and address other needs. There is guidance for residents experiencing near-homelessness to working families in need of debt-management advice.

A holistic service, known as Case Management on Demand, is when clients can meet with a staff member without an appointment. This is very rare in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, and the center is one of the few, if any places that offer this. This means the family can get immediate referrals to financial aid and other guidance.

Community Services is maybe the core underpinnings of the charities efforts. The organization will help low-income people by providing information of how they can gain stability. The charity will be involved in conducting workshops, and making referrals to food pantries or job placement. The staff from the Ministries Hospitality Center work with low-income people across Montgomery County to help them stabilize and address their basic needs. All clients must meet poverty guidelines, have proof of income, and meet additional program eligibility requirements.

The programs are run from 530 Church Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401. For more details, dial 610-277-1321.



By Jon McNamara

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