Monterey County emergency programs from Salvation Army.

When you need help, the Good Samaritan Center, which is run by the Salvation Army, may be one of the leading places to turn to for assistance in Monterey California. The non-profit offers several emergency assistance programs and support services to low income families, seniors, the homeless, and others. Programs can help meet basic needs (such as housing and food) while also helping people achieve longer term stability.

The Good Samaritan Center offers some or all of the following to qualified individuals. Some of the programs require an application or interview, others may be administered to people who drop in. This is the only center for the working poor or low income on the Monterey Peninsula. Social services offered include:

  • Food – A daily breakfast as well as hot lunch are served. Lunches are limited, and even a so called late plate service is offered as needed.
  • Emergency food boxes are available on certain days of the week, and are normally distributed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month.
  • Personal hygiene includes shower and laundry facilities, household and personal care products.
  • Seniors – They have special meals, groceries, and perishable items provided to them.

In addition to those basic needs and social services, the Monterey Salvation Army can provide emergency financial assistance as funding allows. Strict application requirements are in place for any cash assistance. Some of these case management and social services are below.

  • Rental assistance is offered. This includes funds in an emergency (when someone is faced with an eviction) or money for security deposit/move in assistance.
  • Energy and utility assistance is offered in Monterey from the Salvation Army and the R.E.A.C.H. program. This is focused on PG&E customers, and it can help them pay utility and electric bills.

Homeless Case Management is available. The Salvation Army provides resources, support and referral services to homeless families and individuals. While the Good Samaritan Center does not have a homeless center on site, they still can offer assistance. For example, the agency will advocate and link clients to available non-profit agencies and services including other local homeless shelters in Monterey region.





Alcohol and Drug Services - The agency offers advice, support and community resources to help struggling clients and individuals successfully enter into a drug rehabilitation program. The Salvation Army and their volunteers and workers offer on-going support for recovering addicts or alcoholics to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.

The Monterey California Salvation Army offers two main family housing programs. They offer short term shelter, but more importantly help people meet the goal of transitioning into permanent, full time housing and self-sufficiency. Both of these housing programs seek to offer a safe environment for low income and struggling families transitioning from homelessness. The objective is for people to gain a more stable life. The Salvation Army does this by providing clients and people from the community with case management services. Workers and volunteers will help clients learn necessary skills for independent living such as gaining job skills, financial management, credit repair, and parenting skills.

Temporary housing is offered by Casa de Las Palmas. The center provides assistance to families who need help in transitioning from homelessness into self-sufficiency and independent living. The short term housing program provides services and basic needs to Monterey families that are caught in the cycle of homelessness and who are strongly committed to improving their lifestyle. The Casa de Las Palmas center will offer housing and residential care for a time period not to exceed 24 months to families willing to work towards stability and self-sufficiency. The primary goal is for families to secure permanent housing or shelter, and for them to become self-sufficient and independent members of the community. Dial 831-899-1335 for information on transitional housing.

The Good Samaritan Center is open Monday to Friday. Some services are by appointment only, and are not offered over the phone. For more information about the Salvation Army Good Samaritan Center, please contact the location by dialing (831) 899-4988.




By Jon McNamara

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