Salvation Army in Mohave County programs.

Families that are experiencing a crisis, or those that need guidance, can turn to the Mohave County Salvation Army. The charity will never guarantee that they can help someone or promise that resources are available, but the social workers do their best to help low income families and those living in poverty.

Whether it is a disaster or short term financial crisis, support may be available from the center. Most of the assistance is provided on a one-time basis to the working poor. If someone needs long term support, then additional services may be offered for that or there may be referrals given.

Emergency assistance is part of Family Services. The goal is to help ensure the struggling household in Mohave County has some food or that they are not evicted due to missing rent payments. So Salvation Army centers in Lake Havasu City and other towns will try to offer limited financial aid for everything from utility bills to rent.

-Food needs can be met by a local pantry. The Salvation Army collects donated and surplus items from generous people and businesses in Mohave County.

-Family services can also include housing assistance. This ranges from one time rent or energy bill help to placement into shelters.

-SHARE is a utility donation program for various electric and water company providers in Arizona, and applications can be processed.

-Holiday resources in the region range from free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to gifts for children, including school supplies.

-Other needs can be met as well, such as vouchers for medications, clothing for work, and similar critical needs.

Many of the applicants are seeking help for the first time in their lives due to the challenging economy. The Lake Havasu Salvation Army will try to offer support, but there are no guarantees.




When applying for any form of emergency assistance, the applicant needs proof of income and hardship. They should bring copy of pay stubs, lease agreements, source of income and birth certificates.

Most of the Salvation Army clients in Mohave County have some source of income so they can pay the bills in the future. This will often be a pre-requisit to receiving help. However they tend to be considered as working poor.

The Mohave Salvation Army also focuses on the elderly. While some people have the income and savings they need to retire comfortably, many others struggling to keep up with expenses ranging from medications to housing.

In an effort to help the older population, there are many programs focused on their needs. Whether it is placement into low income housing that also arranges home care, or transportation to a doctor appointment, services may be available. There are also holiday meal programs and congregates available as well for the elderly in Mohave County Arizona.

When there is a fire or some form of disaster, the Mohave County Salvation Army staff and volunteers try to respond quickly. They assist in a disaster for all those who are impacted. The charity, and partners in the region, will provide food, meals, and a drink. They also offer other basic needs such as shelter or clothing to keep the family safe. The Salvation Army tries to be a first responder in the cities of Lake Havasu City and Kingman.

Case management, namely education is coordinated too. Clients will be able to partner with a Salvation Army social worker. They will both identify and set goals. Training will be giving to them on how to reach them as well, and this will be ongoing for those who need support.




The charity stresses this service as well. If a family truly wants to break the cycle of poverty or living on the edge of a hardship, then employment and education are critical. Clients can learn about everything from GED classes to government job training.

Locations of Mohave County Salvation Army centers

  • 1461 Palma Rd, Bullhead City, Arizona 86442, telephone (928) 763-2600.
  • 2150 McCulloch Blvd North, Lake Havasu City, AZ. Dial (928) 505-3933.

By Jon McNamara

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