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The Salvation Army offers a program to low and moderate income families to help them with paying their energy bills. HeatShare provides cash grants and emergency assistance with utility and heating bills on a year-round basis. Grants and funds are paid out to people in need, and the money is used for oil, natural gas, propane, electric bills, wood, and even emergency furnace repairs. The HeatShare energy assistance program is a voluntary non governmental program that was created by and offered by The Salvation Army.

The program also takes donations from businesses and individuals. When you donate to HeatShare, you are helping warm the lives of the elderly, disabled, your struggling neighbors, and many others who have no where else to turn and who are struggling in today’s difficult times. HeatShare is the very last resort for many families and individuals who have no other resources available to them, or places to turn to that can help them through the cold Minnesota winter.

Financial support for the program is provided by donations from businesses and utility customers, like you, who voluntarily contribute (even small dollar amounts) through their monthly utility bills. Or you can contribute one time donations and send them directly to The Salvation Army. Your donations go directly towards paying for assistance in your local community. None of the money you contribute goes towards administrative costs, as those costs of the program are covered through utility corporate gifts, by The Salvation Army, and local businesses.

The application process is well controlled and defined. It does not operate as a government benefit or ongoing charity support. Heatshare can help individuals that fall into one or more of the scenarios below.

  • Low and moderate income families with an unexpected emergency. The issue can’t have been caused by the applicant.
  • Seniors who have low incomes and no alternate source of help, such as no access to government aid.
  • Disabled people whose physical capabilities currently limit their ability to hold a job and maintain an income level to adequately cover their monthly energy bills.
  • Grants are also available for people who are faced with unexpected emergencies and as a result cannot pay for their households utility and heating bills.





  • Funds can be used to pay for the repairs to a furnace or heating system as well during the winter.
  • If you do not think you will qualify for HeatShare in Minnesota based on the above, location additional energy and utility programs in Minnesota.

Not only is direct financial aid offered from HeatShare, but there are also other components to it as well. For example, recipients will be provided with free energy conservation and education advice. There is also referrals to social services in Minnesota. For example, case managers from a local Salvation Army center can work with the client to address the root cause of the hardship.

Several other groups work with the Salvation Army on this resource. They include Rural Electric Associations of Minnesota, CenterPoint as well as Xcel Energy, MERC, Minnesota Power, local Municipal Utilities, Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association, Duluth Comfort Systems and the Active Retirees organization.

Contact the Salvation Army at 2445 Prior Ave. N, Roseville, MN 55113, or call 1-800-842-7279 to apply or learn more about utility bill assistance from HeatShare.




By Jon McNamara

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