Ministerial Alliance food and emergency assistance programs.

There is a group of churches in Haskell County, and they operate as part of the Ministerial Alliance. Not only will they support residents from this county, but the churches can also offer advice and support to struggling families in nearby counties, such as Jones or Stonewall. The focus is on feeding people, but there may also be information on emergency financial aid, shelter, and similar needs.

The Haskell County Ministerial Alliance food pantry is a partnership of others from the community, such as volunteers or churches. It can help ensure families in need have some form of free groceries, baby formula and other needed items. The program will allow many families the ability to provide meals for their children or to get an emergency box of food or hygiene items, and there are many nutritional options available.

The center will also work with community members, churches, the Salvation Army, United Way of Haskell or Jones County and other organizations to keep the pantry shelves stocked. Not only that, but many people also give the non-profit donations or they volunteer their time to help. Call the center to see how to contribute.

Back to School and Adopt-a-Family Christmas drives are for children from low income households. Unfortunately there are children who come from homes in which the parents are unable to supply them with a new backpack, clothes or school supplies. Or maybe they would not have a present to open on Christmas morning.

Haskell County Ministerial Alliance is trying to help. Generous gifts as well as donations from the community provide working poor families with children a little relief. Since having a quality education is essential to break the cycle of poverty or homelessness, the school drive can help meet that goal.

Hundreds of children as well as students in Haskell County benefit from these programs every year. Whether it is a small toy or winter coat, or supplies for the school year, children can have their “needs” and "wishes" come true. Donors, staff from Ministerial Alliance and volunteers work together on these Adopt a Family programs.





Ministerial Alliance operates family resource centers that provide a safe environment to help people become stable. Through these centers, the agency aims to strengthen families and the communities in which they live. There is referrals to public aid programs, housing, debt reduction services, and much more. Staff can go over the options with the client.

Clients can learn about emergency financial assistance in Haskell County. There are resources available for individuals who are in danger of having their electric or gas service disconnected or there may be rent help for people facing eviction. Individuals who have utility fees included in their rent expenses may also qualify for a grant.

-The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) also serves individuals who have had such service disconnected, and it is part of LIHEAP.
-Donation and pledges are made by phone with utility companies to postpone or stop the pending loss of service. Clients are responsible for all deposits and/or reconnection fees if their service has already been disconnected, as LIHEAP in Haskell County does not pay for that.

There may be other services provided by the Ministerial Alliance. But the focus will also be on passing out free food. There may even be some items for special dietary needs or for certain cultural tastes, such as immigrants or Spanish speakers. At the same time the food bank at the Alliance provides food to the needy, individuals can get information on financial assistance.

The main address of the Ministerial Alliance is 301 N Ave E., Haskell, Texas 79521. As noted there are more churches that are part of the group too. For more details, dial 940-864-2581.



By Jon McNamara

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